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Climate-wise, crypto has gotten a bad image in recent years. The energy consumption in the Bitcoin network corresponds to the annual energy needs of a small country. This has made crypto a target for energy regulators in both the US and EU.

Yet there is a cryptocurrency project that could change this picture. is a crypto-based carbon credit marketplace. Through the unique properties of blockchain technology, such as transparency and digital scarcity, the token makes it easier for companies, institutions, organizations and consumers to reduce their environmental footprint.

A major milestone is coming for IMPT. Today, Wednesday 14 December at 11:00, the IMPT token will be listed on an exchange for the first time. This will take place on the LBank exchange. This will be the first time that tokens from the IMPT platform can be traded on an exchange.

The pre-sale of IMPT ended on 11 December. At that time, the project had raised more than $20,500. It is therefore not surprising that this presale crypto was one of the most popular presales of the year.

IMPT is listed at $0.0253 but could skyrocket

IMPT’s starting price at the time of listening will be $0.0253. It is 10% higher than the price in the last phase of the pre-sale. According to some industry experts, IMPT could be a big hit as the platform responds to the needs of businesses and consumers to offset their environmental impact. In this regard, the platform uses the transparency of blockchain technology.

The platform has caused quite a stir in the crypto world. Top crypto experts and influencers around the world have spoken about IMPT. This includes, among other things, CryptoHeroesLIVEone of the best German analysts, Wise Advise, a very famous Indian analyst, VoskCoin and Jacob Bury.

Meanwhile,’s CEO and CTO gave a keynote speech at the World Blockchain Summit in Bangkok this week.

Now that the entire carbon credit market is expected to grow by a factor of one hundred over the coming years, according to McKinsey, it is easy to imagine that the token, the eponymous IMPT, will rise sharply from its listing price of €0.0253 . With this, this new crypto is still very cheap.

What is

IMPT is a blockchain-based carbon credit marketplace designed to make it easier for consumers and businesses to offset their carbon emissions. Users can purchase CO2 credit by purchasing it with stored IMPT tokens.

This CO2 credit is then paid to the buyer in the form of NFT. This can then be removed from circulation to offset its own environmental impact, but can also be traded on the CO2 marketplace of the IMPT platform. When withdrawn from circulation, users are rewarded with a reward in the form of an NFT.

But IMPT is more than just a CO2 marketplace. In addition to making carbon credit trading transparent, the project also tries to encourage consumers to make purchases from environmentally friendly organizations. For example, the platform already has a network of more than 25,000 retail stores connected to the IMPT network.

When users make purchases from one of these companies via the IMPT network, they receive IMPT tokens for this, which they can then purchase carbon credits to remove from circulation and thus reduce environmental impact.

Meanwhile, IMPT has also developed a mechanism by which it encourages users to remove CO2 from circulation. Once a user has taken CO2 credits out of circulation, they will get a better score. This is increased when a user withdraws NFT CO2 credit from circulation, but also when they link new users to the platform.

Investors looking for new crypto projects should note that the team of developers is fully KYC verified by CoinSniper and security checked by Hacken. Both companies are respected companies that often give the green light to new crypto projects.

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