inaugurates new SME park NovaCity I in Anderlecht

NovaCity I is the result of a collaboration between and Kairos/Wolito. The design was created by a temporary association of architectural firms BOGDAN & VAN BROECK, DDS+ and Atelier EOLE Paysagistes. BAM Interbuild and Galère were responsible for the construction.

This project takes an important step towards a more mixed-functional Brussels: it mixes functions at height and thus takes a completely new path. The subsidized housing is located on the roof of the studios in the SME park. There are also spaces on the roof where residents can meet.

Vertical mixing

Three buildings with light green facades give the new district a strong identity. The SME park is 7,520 m², at the bottom there are 16 modular workshops of 400 to 500 m² without level differences. The residential part of the project has 63 homes spread over 5 buildings. The houses are built in the workshops of SMEs and are connected to each other via galleries. Within these SME workshops, there is an office mezzanine as a sound barrier for the homes above.

The roofs are fully utilized: there are common spaces, such as terraces, kitchen gardens, a conservatory and a playground. There is greenery in all collective spaces. The project also consists of two new streets, a public square on Bergensesteenweg and street-level showrooms throughout. This promotes contact between the residents of the houses, the users of the studios and the local residents.

The way in which the various functions are implanted ensures that a symbiosis is created, all in the spirit of coziness and coexistence. From the end of January 2023, the new families will be able to move into the homes. The SME places will come on the market in the first quarter of 2023.

ERDF programme

The workshops for SMEs were implemented with money from the Brussels Region and ERDF (programming 2014-2020). The companies that take up residence there must therefore fit into the priorities of the operational program of the ERDF, in particular the priority axis aimed at strengthening entrepreneurship and improving the development of SMEs in growth sectors. The SMEs in NovaCity I must participate in the specific objective of creating new activities that create jobs, also in the social economy.

NovaCity I is therefore a successful mix of functions in height, but it also innovates on another front. is actually carrying out one of the pilot projects in its management agreement for 2021-2025: it owns five of the 63 homes in its portfolio. She wants to rent it out to the employees of the SMEs. With these company residences, is testing a new way of giving Brussels residents the opportunity to live close to their workplace. In this way, she is concretely helping to build up the 15-minute city.

two phases

With NovaCity, is redeveloping a large piece of fallow land of 2 hectares in the southern part of Anderlecht. The plot is located on the regional planning plan (GBP) in a highly mixed area. So there had to be a mixed neighborhood. A development plan divides the site into two zones. They are developed separately.

The second phase of the project is already under way. usually appoints the team to build NovaCity II in the coming months. NovaCity I and II will together form a real district in itself. Prime Minister Rudi Vervoort talks about NovaCity’s plan for the future.

“Eventually, 200 subsidized homes will be built in the NovaCity neighborhood, all passive and sometimes even zero-energy homes. These are part of the Brussels Region’s global housing policy, which I consider to be one of my top priorities. , especially in light of my skills in urban renewal. I am delighted that I can come by today to inaugurate the first 63 homes on a total of more than 7,500 m.2 living room. NovaCity is part of a sustainable urban development model that I support for our region. The project is located between city and nature, between work and living, a district with its own identity.”

Barbara Trachte, Brussels Minister of State for Economic Transformation, is also happy with the arrival of the project: “The expansion of the available surfaces in Brussels is a necessity to meet the needs of the sector and support new activities. In this sense, I will welcome the inauguration of ​​this new SME park, which is completely in line with the Region’s economic restructuring strategy, Shifting Economy, which focuses in particular on relocating part of our economy.

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