Evidence for association between death and mRNA vaccines

For the first time, German pathologists at the University of Heidelberg have performed systematic autopsies on people who died unexpectedly after being vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 (1). In a peer-reviewed publication in the scientific journal Clinical research in cardiology they describe the results of the autopsy of the hearts of five people who died unexpectedly within seven days of the corona vaccination. The pathologists conclude that likely (n=3) or possible (n=2) cause of death was mRNA vaccine-induced myocardial inflammation.

The people who probably were men aged 46 and 55 and a woman aged 50. Death followed zero to four days after the first or second vaccination. Two of them had no comorbidities, one of them had high blood pressure.

Tissue studies showed infiltration of the heart tissue by certain (CD4+) T lymphocytes along with mild myocardial cell damage. In general, autopsy findings indicated death due to sudden cardiac failure.

Schematic presentation of the results. The mRNA vaccination against SARS-Cov-2 leads via an unknown pathway to heart damage, which is associated with infiltration of the heart tissue by certain (CD4+) T-lymphocytes. This leads to sudden heart failure.

The pathology in the heart of the deceased persons was very unusual. The authors write:

“During the last 20 years of the autopsy service at Heidelberg University Hospital, we have not observed a similar myocardial inflammatory infiltration. This was validated by histological (with respect to tissue theory) re-evaluation of age- and sex-matched cohorts from three independent time periods, which did not reveal some single case showing similar cardiac pathology.”

In mice, intravenous injection of the Sars-Cov-2 mRNA vaccine causes acute myocarditis (2). The authors speculate that inadvertent injection of the mRNA vaccine into the bloodstream may play a role in the heart damage observed. Accidental injection into the bloodstream can be partially prevented by briefly sucking up the injection fluid, something that is not recommended by the RIVM in the Netherlands.

This series of accurate autopsies in cases of unexpected death within a few days of the mRNA vaccination could provide a (partial) explanation for the observed excess mortality in the Netherlands keeping pace with the vaccination campaigns. The question ‘Should not the cause of excess mortality come first?’ in the Telegraaf article of 11. November 2011 by doctor and geriatric specialist Jorine Hammink and general practitioner Felix van der Wissel, it seems to be becoming more and more relevant.

Although it is often argued that cardiac damage from corona infection is much more common than cardiac damage from mRNA vaccination (3), these studies do not take into account existing immunity to SARS-Cov-2 and the current, milder corona variants. In addition, the risk of heart damage in boys and young men is greater due to mRNA vaccination than due to corona infection.


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