Experts predict a potential 300% increase in Metacade (MCADE) pre-sales

Have you ever wanted to be more than just a player in your favorite game? Have a say in how the game is developed and earn rewards for your time and effort? This is exactly what Metacade is trying to achieve with its blockchain-based gaming platform.

By harnessing the power of the Ethereum blockchain, Metacade delivers a unique gaming experience. This is a platform where players can enjoy a wide variety of play-to-earn titles and earn MCADE tokens in the process. With so many exciting features on offer, it’s no surprise that MCADE sales are expected to shoot into the stratosphere.

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What is Metacade (MCADE)?

Metacade creates the world’s largest arcade on the blockchain and can provide advanced play-to-earn features. Players will gain unprecedented access to GameFi features, and Metacade’s additional features are destined to make the platform popular among the crypto community.

The Metacade platform offers an endless list of different play-to-earn games for GameFi players to enjoy, each with an integrated potential to earn money online. Rewards are paid out in MCADE Tokens, providing an advanced incentive structure that can create a deeper sense of progression for players worldwide.

Metacade is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows it to take advantage of the advanced smart contract functionality that Ethereum is known for. This provides a truly decentralized play-to-earn gaming experience where players are in control of their own data and can earn rewards while playing a variety of arcade-style games.

More control in the hands of the players

Metacade is a community-focused project, which means that the community has a say in how the project is run. Over time, the Metacade project will become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), allowing MCADE holders to directly influence the direction of the project through governance votes.

Metacade’s democratic approach from their DAO will ensure that the project always puts players’ needs first. Blockchain gamers can meet in Metacade and collaborate on brand new GameFi projects and decide which titles will get funding for their future releases. The Metagrants program gives extensive influence to players who want a direct hand in the future of the blockchain gaming industry.

In addition, Metacade offers a unique way to encourage the community to meet and share the latest knowledge about new blockchain games. Contributing to the community has never been more valuable as MCADE tokens can be earned by helping like-minded players on their journey to Web3. This feature of the Metacade platform is an innovative method of promoting community engagement and can lay the foundation for a healthy dynamic in the years to come.

The Future of Blockchain Gaming

The Metacade project aims to lead the expansion of GameFi. Blockchain games are an innovative alternative to traditional gaming platforms that offer features that simply cannot be matched by off-chain titles. These games offer significant profit potential, giving players the chance to earn real income while having fun online.

There are currently over 3 billion active players worldwide – almost HALF of the total living human population! For such a monumental industry, the play-to-earn feature offers something different and something inherently attractive. Metacade takes full advantage of this revenue potential by offering a wide variety of arcade-style games along with new ways to connect the gaming community online.

Pre-sale with great potential

The MCADE token has just started its presale event, which means that all crypto investors have a huge opportunity to get in early. The project has extremely high potential in the coming years, but its unique tokenomics design means it can also deliver high returns in the short term.

With 70% of tokens unlocked for the presale, Metacade is offering investors the chance to get a large stake in the project before it launches the world’s largest on-chain play-to-earn gaming arcade. Experts predict that the total market value of the project could more than double in value, with some even expecting it to increase by 300% in a short period of time.

With the rest of the crypto market struggling to recover from a prolonged 2022 slump, many investors are eager to get in. Projects like Metacade offer excellent opportunities for long-term holding, but the team has also created a scenario that can greatly help crypto investors in these poor market conditions.

It remains to be seen how well Metacade will perform exactly, but so far it’s certainly looking good. After starting with $0.01 per token, it will rise to $0.02 in later stages of the presale. It could be a strong addition to the portfolio of anyone who appreciates crypto projects with strong fundamentals.
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