Sufficient support for new pension law – Jumbo founder Karel van Eerd (84) passed away

1. After 14 years of discussion, there is sufficient support for the new pension law

After several years of discussion, the new pension law seems to be finally coming. In addition to the government parties, PvdA and GroenLinks are now also expressing their support. The bill ‘solves the major problems in the current pension system’, said PvdA member of parliament Henk Nijboer. ‘Or: at least it gets better.’ GroenLink MP Senna Maatoug was less certain: her party is prepared to give the law the “benefit of the doubt”. However, the parties want three changes to be implemented so that more workers get a pension scheme. Minister Schouten said she has no objection to these changes.

In the new pension system, everyone gets their own pension pot instead of it all being arranged together. It should provide more insight into what happens to the pension contributions paid.

2. The EU also wants to promote equal pay for men and women in smaller companies

Companies in the EU with more than 100 employees must ensure equal pay for men and women. The European Parliament has reached an agreement on this. The rules mainly concern salary negotiations. For example, companies must no longer ask about the previous salary and must be clear in the job description about what the approximate salary is. Employees can also ask what colleagues in similar positions earn.

If the plans are also formally approved in the European Parliament, the guidelines will be implemented in national law within three years.

3. The Ministry discloses SMS and chat messages about the Sywert agreement

The Ministry of VWS has published text and chat messages about the Sywert agreement. There are hundreds of pages in total. You can read messages from the then ministers De Jonge (Public Health) and Van Rijn (Medicine).
“These pieces make up 2 percent of the total collection of chat conversations (about 230,000 pages),” the ministry said. The ministry wanted to release the messages earlier on the basis of the Public Disclosure Act (Woo). Some of the documents had to be reassessed, often manually, which is why it took longer.

4. Schiphol summit points to predecessors for the chaos that has arisen

Schiphol is going down the drain for 100 to 200 million euros due to the chaos caused by the previous management. This is what Ruud Sondag, the new temporary director of Schiphol, expects, writes De Telegraaf. Compensation claims are not yet included in that amount. In his first public appearance, Sondag indicates that the politics of recent years have led to the chaos that he must now resolve. “I was a bit surprised by what I saw of the working conditions,” he says of the security guards’ working conditions. ‘You are still responsible for it. We have found this in abundance in terms of remuneration, timetables and workspace.’

5. Chairman of the board of B&S Group dismissed

Jan Arie van Barneveld, the independent chairman of the board of B&S Group, was dismissed yesterday during a special shareholders’ meeting. Kitty Koelemeijer, the other independent supervisory director, then announced her departure. The reason for the dismissal is a heated ‘difference of opinion’ with founder and majority shareholder Willem Blijdorp. The billionaire tried to regain full control of B&S earlier this year and faced resistance from regulators

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6. Must read: Jumbo founder Karel van Eerd always looked at what the customer wanted

Karel van Eerd, founder of Jumbo Supermarkets, has passed away at the age of 84. He had been suffering from cancer for some time. ‘Karel, our father, was a fantastic man and father to us, a real family man’, the Van Eerd family writes in a press release. “We will miss him incredibly much. Not only in the family, but also in our family business. He has given Jumbo a solid foundation.’

FD looks back at how Van Eerd managed to make the supermarket so big. For example, he once asked millionaires at a party how they had amassed their wealth. ‘They replied: We have always done what the customer wanted from us. I always remembered that,” he told Pur Sang, investment bank Van Lanschot’s relationship magazine.

7. At the coffee machine: Trump announces ‘big announcement’ turns out to be NFT trading cards

Donald Trump’s big announcement turns out to be nothing more than his own NFT trading cards. The cards — which cost $99 — show Trump in a superhero outfit with laser eyes, in golf gear or with a thumbs-up in front of an American flag and the Statue of Liberty. The announcement is met with derision: “Just when you thought he couldn’t humble himself any more, he does,” writes John Kiriakou, CIA whistleblower and author. And Philip Bump of The Washington Post. “He has completely lost his bearings.”

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