The province encourages road-safe behavior among children and the elderly

Region – The province of North Holland is committed to teaching vulnerable target groups safe road behaviour. Children who learn road safety behavior at an early age apply this for the rest of their lives. Research shows that elderly people on bicycles run a relatively high risk in traffic. Organizations that offer traffic education in schools or municipalities that want to invest in bicycle safety among the elderly can apply for grants from the province in early 2023.

According to national figures, it is becoming increasingly unsafe on the road. Deputy Jeroen Olthof: “Unfortunately, the number of traffic accidents is also increasing in North Holland. School-going children and the elderly on bicycles are particularly vulnerable. The province therefore invests in traffic education at school and supports the ‘Doortrappen’ programme, so that the elderly remain healthy and safely active.

Traffic education

Research from the Foundation for Scientific Research in Traffic Safety (SWOV) shows that if young people learn road safe behavior from an early age, they can apply this for the rest of their lives. An example of this is giving a guest lecture at a school, where children learn that you should not use your mobile phone while cycling, because then you are distracted from the traffic. The province will make more than one and a half million euros in grants available in 2023. Organizations offering traffic education in schools can apply for grants for projects (outside the Amsterdam transport region) from Monday 3 January to Thursday 17 February 2023. The grant scheme for traffic education is called ‘Implementation Regulations Subsidy Traffic Education Schools North Holland 2023’ and can be found at

Pedal through

It is healthy to cycle, even if you are a little older. But older cyclists are also vulnerable: data shows that they run a greater risk in traffic. The ‘Doortrappen’ program helps make older people aware of their cycling behaviour, risks in traffic and protective equipment. As a result, they can ride fit and safe for longer. The support for the elderly can vary from giving tips when buying a bike to offering cycling lessons. Each municipality can choose its own approach that links to the existing local networks for the elderly.

The province will provide 160,000 euros in grants in 2023 (for projects outside the Amsterdam transport region). A newly participating municipality can receive a maximum grant of 10,000 euros. A municipality that has previously developed Doortrap activities with grants from the province will receive 5,000 euros. Municipalities that have to organize step-by-step programs can apply for grants from Tuesday 10 January to Thursday 1 June 2023 (5pm). More information about the national ‘Doortrappen’ program can be found at

Smart, clean and safe through North Holland

Every day people are on their way to their destination. The province will help you reach that destination safely and at the agreed time. North Holland also ensures clean and safe roads and adequate public transport. The province makes it easier to choose cycling, walking or public transport and is committed to the highest possible road safety on provincial roads. North Holland does this by designing the roads in a sustainable and safe way, by continuously maintaining them and by investing in education and changing behaviour. It is necessary because the roads are getting more traffic and at the same time health, environment and nature must be improved. The province does this not alone, but together with residents, municipalities, civil society organisations, market participants and knowledge institutions. In this way, traffic jams are prevented and North Holland remains accessible and livable. (Photo: North Holland Province)

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