These were the dating trends of 2022

It’s almost time to end 2022 and enter 2023, but we can’t do it without looking back at everything that happened in the past year. Dating was a whole lot, from annoying trends about alcohol-free dates to the most used emojis. Tinder rounded up the dating trends of 2022 in the ‘Year in Swipe’.

The situation the ship.

Although this “kind of” relationship has always been seen as something negative that one accidentally ends up in, since this year the situation has gained its own place on the dating scale. Young singles are now even coming to see it as a real relationship status and therefore call it that. Are you still not fully aware of what a situation is and whether you have ended up in one? You will find the answers to all your questions here.


It looks like they’re kicking an open door with this one, but according to the experts at Tinder, positivity was key among this year’s swiping singles. Daters showed in their bios that they are positive and down to earth by sharing an emoji of a P – like a parking sign.

The end of the dinner date.

In romcoms, that’s still all that matters, but in reality we’re moving further and further away from the classic dinner date. It seems that the alternative singles found in the corona pandemic are holding fast. For example, many more swipers go on a walking date, visit a museum, or play a board game. Less classic, but more authentic dates, for which we at Flair can always offer inspiration.

Alcohol-free dates.

More singles are raising a glass to non-alcoholic dates. Alcohol-free dates have become a way for singles to be more authentic on dates and challenge traditional dating norms. More than 25% of young singles surveyed on Tinder say they drink less on dates compared to last year, and 72% of members say on their Tinder profile that they don’t drink or drink only occasionally.

Humor is hot.

If there’s one quality that singles have been looking for the most this year, it’s humor. The other two requirements in the top 3 were clarity about what you want from a relationship and good hygiene.

Values ​​and norms are not negotiable.

The way you approach social and societal issues proved to be a real deal breaker for some last year. 75% of singles were looking for a match who respects or invests in social issues. This year, many singles mentioned the social issue they support or want attention on in their bio. Such as politics, environment, mental health, Ukraine and Black Lives Matter. This way, potential dating partners knew immediately what meat they had in the tub.

Nostalgia at its best.

The nostalgia is in. Young singles are inspired by the dating trends of the 1990s and 2000s. Back to basics, with as much communication and dates as possible without internet. Swipers seem to focus on the authenticity and good vibes of the pre-smartphone world.

The red flag

The most popular emoji this year? The red flag. Unfortunately, toxic relationships are still common, but research from Tinder shows that daters are becoming more aware of these types of toxic situations over the years. This way, they can prepare themselves better against it and also recognize their own red flags. Need info on all these flags. We got you.

Travel travel travel.

Traveling – and certainly the term ‘wanderlust’ – has long been popular on the dating app. But even more so this year, since we couldn’t travel at all the two years before due to a well-known pandemic. So many swipers overloaded their profiles with travel destinations and photos. Looking for a travel partner, anyone?

Written in the stars.

More and more singles turned to the stars for guidance in their love lives. The star sign was one of the most popular descriptions in bios on tinder, along with smoking preferences and pets. Leos, Scorpios, and Cancers were the signs most likely to put their zodiac sign in their bios, and surprisingly, all zodiac signs were the most likely to match exactly the same zodiac sign.

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