6 crypto gifts for bitcoin, NFT and crypto enthusiasts and 3 for you

Christmas is just around the corner and people are looking for the perfect gift. And since crypto is still growing in popularity, there’s a good chance you have a real crypto fanatic in your group of friends or family. Are you looking for a nice gift for him or her? Then you have come to the right place!

1. PostNL Cryptostamp – €9.05

The NFT train is up to speed. The biggest companies worldwide have already come on board with their own NFT collections. On board that train is also a letter from our own PostNL, franked with a genuine crypto stamp!

The Cryptostamp collection is published by PostNL and consists of both a physical and a digital stamp. The stamp costs €9.05, which is the same as a registered letter. The PostNL Cryptostamp is a unique collectible for crypto enthusiasts that can also be used to send mail. shortly said, a nice gift to give for that one friend who absolutely loves NFTs!

2. CRYPTOTAG Seeding Storage – $129

As a crypto investor, you almost certainly own a crypto wallet. Especially in these times, it can’t hurt to have your bitcoins in your own wallet. He or she will know that seed setting is an extremely important piece of data that allows you to recover a wallet in case of loss.

Keeping this seed set is always a risky proposition; do you write it on a piece of toilet paper and hide it under your parents’ bed, or do you email yourself with your seed sentence? (both methods are definitely NOT recommended by the way). It is much cooler and safer to store your seed set in titanium.

Cryptotag offers with Zeus titanium seed phrase storage hodler a very cool option. No crypto wallet yet? Cryptotag also sells packages where you get either a Trezor or Ledger wallet in combination with the Zeus seed storage holder. A slightly more expensive gift, but definitely not an unnecessary luxury!

3. Ellipal Titan Cold Wallet – $130

And we will stay in the corner of the crypto wallet for a while. While the seasoned crypto fanatic knows Trezor and Ledger inside out, there are other options as well. That is also Elliptical Titan a relatively unknown wallet. Nevertheless, the purse is still at the top of Forbes 2022. An Ellipal Titan is therefore a nice surprise even for the experienced crypto investor.

4. Crypto Encyclopedia – $29

Do you like to talk about Bitcoin, but your family always doesn’t understand a bit of it? Help them along the way Dutch Crypto Encyclopedia! After reading this book, you will finally be able to have deep discussions with your family about the benefits of Bitcoin, provided of course they read it.

5. NFT scented candles

That NFT scented candles, though via Etsy; whether it arrives in time for under the tree will be a surprise, reacting to the current market mood and burning and smelling like money made from candles.

6. The world’s most okay trader 40 euros

If you are looking for a gift for the person whose mood swings with the bitcoin price; look no further this is the hoodie for him/her. Title one hoodie from the world’s best retailer must be worn with pride!

Bonus: gifts for yourself

1. 1 gram of gold for free from Gold Republic

You can certainly use the last two gift tips yourself. Gold Republic gives, for example, 1 gram of gold as a gift when you through this link create an account and deposit at least 100 euros. With the uncertain times we find ourselves in, gold just might be a lifeline, as it has done for centuries.

2. Crypto Insiders Premium

Is Bitcoin Going Up or Down? Do you still get it? We have an active community of experienced analysts who understand the market. And it’s a gift, so no it doesn’t cost anything now: the first You can try it for free for 30 days.

3. 10 euro free dogecoin via Bitvavo

And finally, new Bitvavo accounts receive 10 euros in free credit. What you do with this is up to you, whether you want to buy bitcoin or dogecoin, it’s all allowed! Get on the back of Santa’s sleigh and fly to Bitvavo via this link to claim your free 10 euros.

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