Bitcoin (BTC) Remains Around $20,000 – Almost Entire Crypto Market Down Except Metacade (MCADE) Presale

The crypto market is down, BTC is almost $20,000, and one of the biggest exchanges in all of crypto has collapsed. So it’s not surprising that it’s been a tough few months for most projects. However, Metacade (MCADE) continues to shine.

Why has MCADE continued to rise when other projects have struggled in recent months? Read on to find out why Metacade’s presale has done so well despite the rest of the market struggling.

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What is Metacademy?

Metacade is Web3’s first virtual arcade. It gives players access to the best GameFi and play-to-earn titles in one place, so they can enjoy everything crypto and gaming has to offer in Web3.

Metacade allows users to explore the GameFi world as they wish. Whether that means playing casually with friends or participating in competitive tournaments to win a big prize, it’s entirely up to the player.

Users can even earn crypto money on Metacade – by playing play-to-earn games, betting MCADE, and posting content that increases the engagement of other users. Or users can use the platform to connect with Web3 entrepreneurs looking to hire new people.

Metacade brings together the best of crypto gaming in Web3 in one place. With many different titles to try and ways to enjoy it, it’s a platform that has gained widespread appeal and others seem to struggle to match it.

How does Metacade work?

Metacade makes it easy to enjoy Web3 games based on your own preferences and needs. Simply visit the project’s website, choose the games you want to play and get started alone or with a group of friends. Enjoying crypto gaming in the metaverse is so easy with Metacade.

MCADE is the project’s native token. It helps facilitate a wide range of monetization opportunities on Metacade – from playing games to earn money to participating in competitive tournaments, prize draws and even staking the token.

Metacade can be used to play pay-to-play games, participate in competitive tournaments and prize draws, and much more. For example, you can even bet MCADE to earn more from it. You can also earn it by posting content that increases the engagement of other users on the platform.

This means that MCADE is not just a symbol for decoration. It is a symbol with many real use cases. That should help its value continue to rise as the crypto market slump reverses.

What makes Metacade so unique?

Metacade differs in many ways from other metaverse projects such as The Sandbox and Decentraland.

First, it brings together many play-to-earn games on one platform, while other metaverse projects only offer a single title. This means that there is a suitable game that everyone can start earning in Metacad without being limited to the boring grind of having no variety.

Plus, Metacade is good for more than just games to make money. It’s a place where you can connect with friends, entrepreneurs who might hire you, and where you can meet new people. It’s truly Web3’s community square, giving it an appeal that most other projects can’t match.

Finally, Metacade is committed to serving the community – with its roadmap strongly proving that it will remain a top priority going forward. Since its inception, the community has been inclusive of people of all backgrounds and walks of life, ensuring that everyone enjoys their time – which is an important aspect of the value of Metacad.

Other projects have commitments to large investment firms, meaning they are incentivized to serve those firms rather than their users. In addition, the team has announced that it will hand over key roles to community members as Metacade establishes itself as a platform.

Can I still access the Metacade presale?

It is never a good thing when the crypto market is down. But Metacade and its MCADE token have not slowed down from the stalled momentum affecting the rest of the market.

The Metacade presale is still ongoing. If you think this might be a sign you want to hold onto until the next bull run arrives, now is the time to take a look and see if it’s really for you. Prices started at 125 MCADE for $1 and will drop to 50 MCADE for $1 when the presale ends.

The easiest way to do that is to check out the links below.
take here participate in the Metacade presale.

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