IDE alumni earn 1st and 3rd place in 2022 Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100

News – 06 December 2022 – Web redactie Kommunikation

The Faculty of Industrial Design at TU Delft congratulates all small and medium-sized companies that have made it into this year’s KVK Innovation Top 100, but in particular SenseGlove and Pieter Pot. Both companies were founded by IDE alumni.

Every year, the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) presents it KVK Innovation Top 100 to show the diversity of successful innovations from Dutch SMEs.

Read more about the companies founded by IDE alumni who took first and third place.

Image of SenseGlove media kit


SenseGlove is the brainchild of IDE alumni Johannes Luijten and Gijs den Butter. Luijten is an alumnus of the master’s program in integrated product design (IPD) and Den Butter is an alumnus of the master’s program in strategic product design (SPD).

Although SenseGlove started as an ambitious graduate project, the duo quickly realized they had something special on their hands. That’s why they joined the Yes!Delft Validation Lab in 2015, to expand their horizons and see where their invention could take them.

And now by 2022, SenseGlove now serves more than 150 customers, including Volkswagen, the European Space Agency and even the Royal Netherlands Army

Over the years, SenseGlove has refined its invention and developed a glove that makes it possible to touch, feel and manipulate a virtual object as if it were a real object. SenseGlove accurately measures every movement of every joint in the hand and simulates a highly detailed virtual hand.
By enabling lifelike interactions during VR training, SenseGlove helps companies train their staff better and create a safer work environment. Examples include training in handling hazardous materials, performing complex tasks with multiple tools and objects, or learning to design and test physical prototypes.

For more information about SenseGlove, visit their official website.

Image from Pieter Pot’s website

Peter Pot

IDE alumnus and graduate of the Strategic Product Design MSc program, Jouri Schoemaker, is changing the market when it comes to sustainable grocery delivery. Jouri, who graduated from IDE in 2019, is the founder and CEO of Pieter Pot – a sustainability-focused grocery delivery startup.

Pieter Pot promotes a circular, environmentally conscious way of shopping. How? By reducing the amount of “disposable”, “one-way” packaging and reducing their carbon footprint in everything they do. Customers, for example, receive their groceries in circular, reusable glasses and/or bottles, which – when empty – can be returned to the company to be washed and refilled.

Jouri graduated from IDE’s MSc SPD in 2019. While in college, he took several courses aimed at developing the skills he would need in the years to come. Including the following: Cutting Edge Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (taught by IDE professor Frido Smulders) and Build Your Startup (taught by IDE PhD candidate and lecturer Jeroen Coelen and lecturer Matthijs Buijs). During his participation in Build Your Startup, Jouri (together with two other students) came up with the first idea for Pieter Pot.

To date, Pieter Pot has more than 70,000 Dutch and 1,000 Flemish customers, and there are plans to further expand geographically. Do you want to know more about Pieter Pot and his service? Visit their official website.

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