Sports and education campus in one building

In a short time, a sports and school building for 2,300 pupils was realized in the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where everyone feels at home. The building offers space for students and staff at the Rodenborch College and the Jeroen Bosch College and includes a sports residence consisting of two sports halls. The Rodenborch College is part of the Association of Our High School Education.

Build with a ‘we feeling’

An important development challenge was to combine a small-scale experience with the advantages that a large ‘all under one roof building’ can have. The building was to support the school’s vision of ‘Learn, live, grow together’, with the motto ‘we-feel’. The new building provides more space for the different profiles: technasium, culture, bilingual education and Topsport Talent School. Previously, the school’s various buildings were separated from each other, which meant that employees saw less of each other and collaboration was more difficult. Now the building facilitates precisely this collaboration.

The requirements programme, which has been drawn up together with HEVO, contains the basis for the current set-up. The building consists of a number of wings and is divided into lower and upper classes, each with six learning domains. The workplaces are deliberately not massively set up and are centrally located between the classrooms, which allows for an individual layout and appearance. The classrooms are of different nature to be able to teach groups of different sizes.

At the heart of the building is the central traffic area where all lines meet. This allows students to find their own place where they can feel at home. There is a central atrium – with stairs and a stage – that is used as a break room and next to it there is a separate break room.

The building is flexible and freely divisible. The integration of the educational vision and the program has been done carefully, and the layout can be easily adapted in the future. The building is very bright and spacious, with great attention to indoor climate and sustainability.

Tailored training

The main goal of the educational vision is person-oriented teaching in dialogue. The students receive tailor-made teaching that suits the pace at which they can follow the courses. In other words, more modular and level-oriented, with more room for personal development and transversal projects. In addition, there is the option of choosing an extended first class. Due to the size of the school, it is possible to offer a wide selection, such as mavo-havo and havo-vwo roofing classes, where two levels are in one transition class.

Regional function

The Rodenborch College is a LOOT school; a LOOT school or Topsport Talent School is a post-secondary school where an adapted teaching course makes it easier for young sports talents to combine education with sports. Pupils therefore come from a large region to the building, which is located near various outdoor sports fields. Part of the new building is a sports residence with two sports halls (six gymnasiums) with an internal height of 7 meters, a foyer and a tribune.

The beautiful auditorium, the media library and the water surrounding the building; it’s great to see the kids now experiencing a wow factor.

Roland Littooij, operations manager


The school is an almost energy-neutral building (BENG). The building naturally has an excellent thermal shell and triple glazing, PV panels and mossedum vegetation are installed on the roofs. Heat recovery takes place, and both heat and cold are generated by energy-efficient heat pumps. Rainwater is also collected on site. The moss roof absorbs a lot of water, the water that remains goes to the wadi and when it is saturated, the water enters a large pond. The new school is surrounded by green areas. Accommodations have been created on the square, which invite people to meet. The car park and bicycle sheds are arranged in blocks of green areas. On the west side of the building, a strip of landscape with nature and water has been created as a buffer for the business park behind.

Sustainable operation

The future operating costs were carefully considered in the new building, which is why it was decided to save and generate energy and use solid, sustainable materials that do not need to be replaced quickly.

Tight process

HEVO supervised the definition phase, where explicit attention was paid to the convergence of the two different schools in one building. Themes and focus areas were discussed on the basis of various work sessions with the users. Based on this, the Requirements Program was drawn up, and advice was given on the organisation, planning and financial structure of the project. Project management is handled by HEVO from design to delivery. There has always been the greatest focus on collaboration for the best result within the tight design and construction period. During the offering, there was explicit attention to optimal market forces and guaranteed long-term performance.

We have engaged HEVO for project management, and we are very satisfied with that. Not only because of the great expertise, but certainly also because of the calmness and confidence that the consultants always exuded.

Marjo van IJzendoorn, Principal Rodenborch-College

This article was published in Schooldomain, December 2022.

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