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expedition JansenAfter a blood-curdling final, tonight was the winner Expedition Robinson well known. “I was so emotional I almost couldn’t believe I’d won.”In Expedition Jansen, reporter Dennis Jansen looked back at the episodes each week this season, focusing on the themes of hero, hunger and heartbreak.


The last test was one to lick your lips. The final match was one of the most exciting in history Expedition Robinson. After the knot for the candidates to free themselves, the puzzle, the balancing part and – finally – making the fire, Ferry Weertman had a huge lead. Dennis Wilt joined later and London Loy also suddenly had a chance to win. The TV chef lost three match points. ,,Ferry was of course a huge favourite”, Dennis Wilt looks back. “The youngest of us, a top athlete with a top sporting mentality.”

But not Weertman, who made 21 unsuccessful attempts to get the flaming ball into the wok, but Wilt hit the spot and then the weatherman from SBS 6 could be named the winner and completely in Expedition Robinson. As the oldest Dutch celebrity (53) and with zero votes against. “Is it unique?” Wilt threw his arms in the air and burst into tears. “It was surreal, I was so emotional. The whole expedition flashed by. I could hardly believe I had won.”

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Hungry. You get used to it, says Wilt. “I learned that you don’t need much. The striking thing was: a megastorm of adrenaline was released during a test. And then you could say anything. In the last two weeks, you’ve noticed it starting to play a role physically.” And mentally? ,,Yes, you are hungry, but do you have to complain about it all day? No, because it is. Yes, it rained for hours. Okay. Are you going to whine about it to the others? No, because they suffer just as much. You better stay positive.”

It’s the mentality that has always carried him far. Dennis Wilt refers to Charles Darwin. “It’s not always the strongest or smartest species that survive, he said, but those that adapt. I think that was and is my greatest strength. It’s the common thread in my life,” says Wilt , who faced significant setbacks in his personal life: his disabled son Nout died at age 3, his daughter Jolijn contracted leukemia at a young age – “But she is now completely healthy and she is studying psychology” – and his marriage failed .,,I was able to overcome a lot of bumps because I adapt to the situation. I lay down and look ahead. What I’ve noticed is that you can do a lot more than you ever imagined.”


It was just before leaving for Malaysia that Dennis Wilt and his partner Wilma organized a special sushi night at home. His children (Jolijn and Hidde) and hers (Nikki and Jordi) were sitting at the table and thought for a moment that the two were going to announce a wedding. “Instead I came out in my Robinson uniform with hat and slippers. ‘I’ll be gone for a while,’ I said. They loved it. They’ve been shouting for years, ‘Dad, if you’re asked Expedition Robinson, do it right away, you know.’ So I always said during the expedition, ‘I’m doing it to make the kids proud’.”

The children knew nothing of the outcome until the end. “I haven’t told you, no. But they suspected something. The youngest is going to be a detective, because she has listed all my so-called slips of the tongue”.

Wilt kept out of the electorate’s sight, reached the amalgamation and stayed in the islands of Malaysia for a total of 35 days. “What came after that merger was actually a bonus. But first I won another test and saw the final. Yeah, I think the kids are a little proud of their dad.”

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