Analysts predict that this metaverse will become crypto-big

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One of the most challenging niches in the crypto world right now is the metaverse. The concepts of virtual reality and augmented reality are combined so that metaverse players connect with each other in an online community. So far, well-known projects like Decentraland have already introduced the world to the metaverse world, but new developments point to a wave of new projects.

One of these projects is the new project RobotEra, which combines the unique features of Decentraland and the power of NFT at Axie Infinity to create a special crypto experience for users. This article identifies several ways in which RobotEra differentiates itself, leading us to believe that it will be the next big hit in the crypto industry.

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Multiverse Web3 Project

One of the interesting features of RobotEra is the project’s focus on delivering a multiverse experience. Instead of connecting users to just one virtual landscape, the platform introduces users to multiple worlds.

The project is a sandbox-like NFT concept where players must rebuild a planet. The players are responsible for this in the game, finding resources, managing their virtual land and building robots to play with. In this way, life is slowly restored on the destroyed planet Taro.

Each player can shape the world as he or she wants. In addition, each robot is represented by an NFT, making each character unique and valuable due to its unique characteristics and attributes.

In RobotEra’s multiverse, players can visit theme parks, concerts, and museums while interacting with other communities. Users can also discover special places, earn rewards and exhibit their own digital art in the museums of the virtual project.

A roadmap to look forward to in 2023

RobotEra made its debut in 2022, and so far the team behind the project has stuck to the project’s roadmap. So it is on the way with all the features they want to roll out in the future, but also those that they have already rolled out, such as the first NFT collection, the presale of the TARO token and the preparations for the first listing on a centralized crypto exchange.

Still, there is much to do, which makes the New Year’s roadmap extremely interesting. In any case, the RobotEra project will reveal many metaverse functionalities in the future.

According to the game’s roadmap, the metaverse universe and other gameplays will launch in the first weeks of 2023. In addition, the much talked about VR/AR mode will launch in the second quarter of 2023.

With an expected exponential growth ahead of the crypto gaming industry in 2023, this will grow alongside the growth of the overall crypto market. This will therefore have a direct effect on the RobotEra gameplay and the players who earn TARO by playing the game will see their tokens increase in value.

See the RobotEra schedule on the official website

TARO breaks through the $550,000 milestone

Due to RobotEra’s great potential, many TARO tokens have already been sold in the current presale of this new crypto. The developers behind RobotEra have announced in a tweet that more than €550,000 of TARO tokens have been sold so far.

In fact, at the time of writing, the team behind RobotEra has already raised more than $575,000

Currently, a TARO token costs only €0.020 and this will increase by €0.005 per phase. At the moment, therefore, the token is still available at the lowest price. This is therefore the perfect time for interested investors to buy the token.

See RobotEra’s TARO presale here

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