Casio Releases ‘Adventurer’s Stone’ G-SHOCK Watches for 40th Anniversary

Amstelveen, 20 December 2022 — Casio is releasing a range of new models within the G-SHOCK family, specially designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the tough, adventurous brand. These ‘Adventurer’s Stone’ watches are inspired by minerals that adventurers used to find their way: the refractive properties of the stones then served as a compass to determine the position of the sun. These minerals have always been of great value to those looking for inspiring adventure – and that is exactly what the G-SHOCK line of watches stands for.

Since the launch of the very first G-SHOCK, the DW-5000C, Casio has continued to develop its watches not only in terms of shock resistance, but also in terms of functionality and design. For example, the metal frame of the watches is precision forged and (except for the GM-S5640GEM) has a texture that mimics the rough feel of stone. In addition, the textured surface is smoothed and the top and sides treated with a hairline and mirror finish. This creates the illusion of a matte and soft crystal type.

Each frame is inspired by a different type of stone, from purple calcite to blue cordierite. The watches are treated with colorful ion plating to reproduce the unique appearance of each specific mineral. In principle, the models have a matte finish: the degree to which each watch shines depends on the light and the diameter of the stone. The tires are also specially designed to complement the frames.

In honor of the anniversary, G-SHOCK’s anniversary logo is engraved on the back of the case, and there are four stars representing the number ’40’ on the strap loop. You can also see the proud text “SIDEN 1983” on the dial.

Starting with the GM-5600 and its original G-SHOCK shape, this model features a design inspired by the Sun Stone, a stone associated with “creating victory”. The entire bezel is treated with iridescent ion coating, then sparingly masked and ionized black to reproduce the multicolored shimmer of the sunstone, which changes depending on the viewing angle.

The GM-114GEM is based on the GM-110 with its distinctive dimensional dial and is inspired by calcite. This stone comes in different shades and is said to “lead to success”. After an initial general ion plating in a gold color, the 5 and 10 o’clock sides are masked and the ring ionized in black to achieve a two-tone look. To complement the calcite motif, this model features a black textured resin strap.

The octagonal edge and simple design of the popular GM-2100 has the appearance of cordierite, the stone associated with “showing the way”. Beautiful cordierite blue is rendered with a blue ion-plated metal ring and band made with the Garal casting technique, mixing two different colors of resin.

Based on the GM-S5600, the smaller version of the GM-5600, this design is inspired by transparent calcite. Laser engraving is layered with rainbow ion coating on the frame to recreate the crystalline pattern of calcite and its refracted light glow. The dial and strap are decorated with the same pattern.

GM-S110 is the basis for this purple-inspired calcite model. After an initial collective ion coating in purple, the sides at 2 and 7 o’clock are masked and the ring is ionized in gray, recreating the beautiful purple signature of this form of calcite.

This model starts with GM-S2100 and has a design inspired by yellow gold calcite stone. The bezel is treated with a gold ion coating, while vapor deposition gives the dial and hour markers a similar color to mimic the bright yellow of this form of calcite.
Price and availability
The six new Adventurer’s Stone models from G-SHOCK will be available from February 2023 through G-SHOCK Pro Partners and at The suggested retail price varies between €239 and €319.

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