Documentary is Crypto the New Gold on Streamz

The documentary Is Crypto the New Gold can now be viewed on Streamz. Nine Flemish people and four experts talk about the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The participants of Is Crypto the New Gold are VEXX, Bruno Ver, David Devriesere, Didi & Romaine Taihuttu, Niko De Jonghe, Rhymezedimez, Griet Baelus, Quinten Francois, Tonya Mas, Faroek Özgünes, Levi Haegebaert, Bram De Man and Zaïna De Beer. Read all about this Is Crypto the New Gold?

Is Crypto the new gold

The documentary series Is crypto the New Gold? from the production house Het Konijn (which you know from Chasing beauty and OnlyFans: The Naked Flemish Truth) gives an insight into the world of virtual currency, but also of digital art. Not a day goes by without you reading about crypto. The past few weeks have therefore been the darkest pages in the history of cryptocurrency: Falling prices, hacks, the mauling of a major crypto exchange. It doesn’t stop. But even though everyone has already heard about it, it remains a mysterious world. The four-part documentary takes a critical look at the unique and special digital currency and NFTs. Will crypto come back stronger than ever or will it turn out to be one big bubble?


The documentary follows several crypto supporters who share their vision and success but also their setbacks with the viewer: crypto millionaire Bruno Ver, crypto supporter David Devriesere, Griet Baelus, victim of crypto fraud, Niko De Jonghe, CEO of ‘Blockchain Valley Virtual’ , Didi & Romaine Taihuttu of The Bitcoin Family, and educational crypto-influencer Quinten Francois. They share their success and wealth, but also their setbacks. Despite the bleeding market, some still have firm faith in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.


The series also takes a deeper look at the world of NFTs, which are often lumped together with cryptocurrency. The NFTs mainly experienced a boom and hype in 2021, and Belgian artists such as VEXX and Rhymezizedimez are now among the best in the world of digital art, and the Flemish entrepreneur Tonya Mas organized the first NFT fair in our country. But more about that at the bottom of this article. Are NFTs more than digital images that go over the digital disk at high prices? Is it hype or just a way to get closer to your fans? Will NFTs in the near future have mainstream applications that everyone will use?

The participants are Crypto the New Gold

In addition to the 9 Flemish people who take the viewer into the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, 4 experts also speak. They provide more information about the pros and cons of the cryptocurrency. The experts in Is Crypto the New Gold are investigative journalist Faroek Özgünes, crypto expert Levi Haegebaert, chief inspector Bram De Man and web3 & intellectual property lawyer Zaïna De Beer.

Discover below who the participants of Is Crypto the New Gold are and what their relationship is with cryptocurrency.

VEXX – NFT Artist & Youtuber

Vince Okerman, better known as VEXX, became very popular for his unique, colorful style called ‘doodle art’. His YouTube channel, where he shares great videos of his art, has a whopping three million subscribers. Vince has many major international collaborations to his name, including Gucci and Porsche. His NFTs sell for high prices and his work has already appeared in Times Square. VEXX is considered one of the biggest names of its generation. His work will be exhibited alongside Rhymezizedimez’s work at the first immersive NFT exhibition in Belgium. But more about that at the bottom of this article.

Bruno Ver – Crypto entrepreneur

Bruno Ver is an entrepreneur by heart and soul. He invests in several crypto-related startups. Meanwhile, Bruno is well past the point where he could live off his crypto entirely, but he deliberately chooses not to. Bruno Ver is invariably convinced that his digital currencies will increase in value even more in the long term.

David Devriesere – Founder of Digital Currency Academy

David Devriesere is the founder of Digital Currency Academy: a company that teaches people to invest and trade crypto in a safe way. He also founded the Crypto Café: a meeting place in Ghent for everyone interested in crypto. His mission is to inform as many people as possible, as he himself fell victim to several scams & hacks and lost a lot of money because of it. For David De Vriesere, the community around crypto is very important.

Didi & Romaine Taihuttu – The Bitcoin Family

The Dutch Taihuttu family is a family of five: father Didi (42), mother Romaine (42) and daughters Joli (18), Juna (15) and Jessa (12). The family has given up everything to go full Bitcoin. They travel all over the world and lead minimalist, stress-free lives. The Bitcoin family is very well known in the crypto world. For Didi, Bitcoin is not about money, but crypto is the way to close the gap between rich and poor and create a better world.

Niko De Jonghe – CEO of Blockchain Valley

Niko De Jonghe has been working with cryptocurrency for over twelve years, of which he has been ‘unbanked’ for the last five years, meaning he has completely distanced himself from the banks and is all into crypto. Niko is in the process of establishing Blockchain Valley: a complete community and village that will work on blockchain. The houses will communicate with each other, which will ensure the most efficient use and consumption possible. Niko DE Jonghe calls himself a modern Robin Hood and, like Didi, sees bitcoin as the means to a better future.

Rhymezizidimez – Artist & NFT Artist

Robin started as an illustrator and artist. Music was always his inspiration, and when he started animating his illustrations, he became a well-known and sought-after name among great artists. He has since collaborated with artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Dua Lipa, Bruno Mars, Cardi B and many others. He is a big name in the international NFT world. His work is related to VEXX’s in the immersive NFT exhibition Future Renaissance in Plein Publiek Brussels.

Griet Baelus – Victim of Crypto Scam

Griet Baelus has been active in cryptocurrency since 2017. She was scammed several times. The first scam was clicking on a Google ad that said Elon Musk had invested millions in Bitcoin. She was cheated for the second time, and because of her gullibility, Griet Baelus lost more than 20,000 euros. Yet she still believes in crypto. “People with bad intentions have cheated me, not crypto.”

Quinten Francois – Crypto influencer

Quinten Francois has been active in cryptocurrency for five years, of which his influential YouTube channel ‘Young And Investing’ was his main activity for four years. Here he guided his viewers through the crypto universe. Quinten managed to gain over 150,000 subscribers and therefore had the largest crypto channel in the Benelux. But he quit due to burnout, the less rosy side of crypto. His popularity meanwhile shifted to Twitter. Quinten Francois now also handles several advisory functions and invests in start-up companies. He wrote the book The Bitcoin Revolution.

Tonya Mas – organizer of the first Belgian NFT fair

You may know Tonya Mas from her participation in the Junior Eurosong in 2003. She is an influencer on Instagram and has her own clothing and coffee brand ‘CFÉ’. In addition, she also works as a digital marketer for several brands, artists and creatives, including her friend, internationally acclaimed producer Chuki Beats. As a marketer, she primarily wants to launch NFT campaigns to connect fans with the artist or brand. Tonya Mas organizes the first immersive NFT expo ‘Future Renaissance’ featuring work by Vexx and Rhymezizedimez.

Faroek Özgünes – Investigative journalist

As an investigative journalist, Faroek Özgünes is familiar with all types of crime, as well as cryptocurrency. He regularly lectures on crime related to digital currency. How active are criminals in the crypto market? How do they work and endanger Bitcoin’s future?

Levi Haegebaert – Crypto expert

Levi Haegebaert is the founder of Start2Bitcoin, with which he helps both individuals and companies take their knowledge of crypto and Blockchain to the next level. Additionally, he also works as a digital marketer for various crypto companies. His vision is regularly asked by newspapers and radio stations. Levi Haegebaert travels around the world to discover new developments in the sector. He is the author of the book Bitcoin for Beginners.

Bram De Man – Chief Inspector

Bram De Man works as chief inspector at the East Flanders Federal Judicial Police. He has been professionally engaged in cryptocurrency since 2012. Since 2019, he has only conducted research related to cryptocurrency. In addition, Bram De Man is also a lecturer in this matter within the federal police. When it comes to cryptocurrency, Bram has the most practical experience in Belgium. He was also involved in the first seizure of NFTs in Belgium and even conducted a number of international investigations.

Zaïna De Beer – web3 & intellectual property lawyer

As a visual artist, Zaina De Beer knows better than anyone how important it is to protect her work from plagiarism. She has her own company ‘Alpha Legal Creatives’: a specialized team of lawyers dedicated to protecting all types of creative works. About a year ago, Zaina De Beer jumped on the NFT bandwagon. In the meantime, she specializes as an NFT and web3 lawyer, helping digital artists protect their work.

Also read more about Future Renaissance & NFTs

What is an NFT

What the hell is an NFT? An NFT or non-fungible token (a non-fungible or unique token) is simply a digital certificate of ownership. In recent years, the use of NFTs has become extremely popular among digital artists. NFTs allow artists to protect their creative assets in a digital world. A real game changer for the art landscape.

Future Renaissance

You can discover exactly how this works from 16 December to 8 January at the Future Renaissance exhibition. The first immersive NFT exhibition in Belgium will then settle in the Dynsatiepalies in Brussels. Throughout the Christmas holidays, young and old can get to know the world of crypto art. In the exhibition, which consists entirely of 360° projections, you will get to know, among other Belgian NFT artists, VEXX and Rhymezizedymez.

Watch the documentary Is Crypto the New Gold

Is Crypto the New Gold? is a production of Het Konijn in collaboration with Streamz. The documentary series is directed by Cheeru Mampaey (whom you also know from the documentary about Summer de Snoo) and can now be seen on Streamz. The immersive NFT exhibition ‘Future Renaissance’ can be visited from 16 December in Plein Publiek Brussels.

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