Light 25 of 2022: cryptocrash, moon mission and faster wifi

25. Lust for tires

We start Bright 25 with one shameless plug. Bright celebrated three milestones this year: 300,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel, 50,000 monthly listening sessions for the Bright Podcast and the first season of Bright op Banden. Our new TV program was shown in the autumn on RTL Z and RTL 7 and can be seen on Videoland and The presenters Bram, David and Rutger all discussed innovative transport. From souped-up e-bikes that act as a silent mobile device in Ukraine to the emergence of microcars and a real Elfstepjestocht.

24. Back to the Moon

We’re going back to the moon. After 50 years, humanity will finally try again with the lunar mission Artemis. After being delayed several times, NASA successfully launched the unmanned Artemis 1 mission on November 16. The Orion spacecraft flew to the moon with a ‘crew’ of three dummies on board and landed back on Earth on 11 December. The dolls were equipped with sensors and measuring equipment. According to NASA, Orion performed better than expected.

This first mission paved the way for astronauts to walk on the moon again in a few years. There is also a Dutch touch to it. The front part, where the astronauts sit, was made by the Americans, but the back part, which provides energy and propulsion, was developed by ESA. The solar panels that generate the electricity come from Leiden.

23. Faster Wi-Fi

This year we saw the introduction of Matter 1.0, the standard for smart homes, but with the protocol for wireless internet, WiFi, we are already at version 6E. E stands for Extension and refers to the third band that has been added: in addition to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz also 6 GHz. That provides twice the bandwidth that we can easily pull in an 8K stream in the near future. To use WiFi 6E, your WiFi router must be suitable. Netgear started with its Orbi 9 series. It’s quite expensive, but Google came up with a cheaper option with the new Nest WiFi Pro. In addition, your smartphone, laptop or tablet must also be suitable for WiFi 6E. At the moment, it is only the more expensive models where Apple is notably absent.

22. Crypto crash

Would you pay thousands of euros for a picture of a bored monkey? Last year it seemed to become normal for a while with the advent of NFTs. Like putting all your savings into some vague crypto coin. But in 2022, the hype around cryptos and NFTs ended.

Thus, the crypto trading site FTX collapsed. FTX gambled with users’ money, lost billions and went bankrupt. The founder was arrested in the Bahamas. The story is still being developed, but it promises to be an exciting film à la the Big Short.

NFTs were such an inflated market as well. Celebrities participated by promoting very expensive NFTs because they were supposed to be worth much more, but it turned out to be an illusion. Several celebs who joined NFTs, including Justin Bieber, Madonna and Jimmy Fallon, were accused of ‘fraud’.

The technology behind the money grab can still be fascinating. Because there is something to be said for an NFT as proof of ownership of a digital object. And a means of payment without banks, that doesn’t sound bad either, but it has to be more stable, simpler, less susceptible to fraud and not so environmentally friendly.

21. No mega data centers in the polder

For years, our country welcomed tech giants who wanted to set up large data centers with open arms. It came to an end this year after a storm of criticism over Meta’s plans to build a giant data center in Zeewolde. National politics turned against it, and the cabinet stopped building applications for large data centers.

Data centers use a lot of water and electricity, while the electricity grid is already bursting at the seams. The residual heat can also be bad for the environment and the buildings stand out in the landscape. In many cases, the disadvantages do not outweigh the great advantage: additional employment.

In the summer, Meta finally pulled the plug on the project in Zeewolde. The cabinet will shortly come up with new requirements for data centers, for which there is only room in parts of North Holland and Groningen.

Lyse 25 of 2022

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