In the lift to the sickest children, the Feyenoord players are silent for a moment

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  • George Hansen

    follows Feyenoord on behalf of NOS Sport

  • George Hansen

    follows Feyenoord on behalf of NOS Sport

The podium in the central hall of the Sophia Children’s Hospital almost collapses under the weight of all the Feyenoord players and staff. The proud leader of the Eredivisie will be present on Wednesday with a large delegation.

Like Feyenoord, every other Premier League club feels socially involved. They take their responsibility to support people in need in every possible way.

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Quinten Timber with a gift

Last month Feyenoord – Excelsior held the annual Sophia competition with many young patients in the stands and collectors at the entrance doors.

In addition, Feyenoord’s selection and staff visit the sick children every year, provided corona does not kick in, to encourage them. This December afternoon, it’s that time again.

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When almost the complete selection has been presented to the children present and their parents, who in some cases react even more enthusiastically than their offspring, the official part begins. The committee is divided into groups.

Some players stay in the central hall for various sports activities, and the others go upstairs, where the children are so ill that they cannot come down.

It’s quiet in the elevator. It looks like a players’ tunnel before an important match. One player indicates that he finds it very exciting. They don’t know exactly what awaits them in the halls full of sick children they have to visit.

Feyenoord Media

Feyenoord players with Timo and father Joeri

One of these children is 15-year-old Timo. The visit comes on a beautiful day for this Feyenoord supporter. Yesterday he got a new kidney from his father Joeri. The recovery is tough, but according to Joeri it is going “beyond expectations”.

“You can’t have a nicer support behind you,” says Joeri about the visit from Feyenoord. Quinten Timber, Gernot Trauner and John de Wolf, among others, stand at the son’s bedside with gifts and congratulations.

“Feyenoord is in our blood. That they go out of their way to visit Timo and all the other kids who could use a helping hand… There are many reasons why I love that club and that is definitely one of ​them.”

Feyenoord Media

Feyenoord hand out a check

When the players are gathered in the hall after an hour, it turns out who is most popular with the patients. Trainer Slot is constantly approached to take selfies.

“On a day like this, you think: why don’t we do it more often? You see that you can give people strength and support in a vulnerable, difficult phase of their lives with your presence. It is very valuable.”

“And I think it’s good that the players feel how privileged they are. And this time not financially, but because they are healthy and don’t have the worries that these people have,” continues Slot. “Not only as a coach, but also as a person, it’s a privilege to be here this afternoon.”

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