Why are they better off?

Move-to-earn (M2E) is a sector that has grown explosively in recent years. In this industry, you are financially rewarded for adopting a healthier, more active lifestyle. STEPN and Sweatcoin are examples of this type of project. They reward users based on GPS-tracked movements and step counts and have already achieved quite a bit of mainstream success.

The Sweatcoin website has 120 million registered users. STEPN peaked at around 700,000 daily users in May, but remains popular.

However, there is also a downside to these platforms. They are only focused on rewarding their users for movement and steps. This excludes a large part of sports such as sports in the gym.

The newcomer to the crypto M2E niche is going to change that. The project has FightOut.

FightOut – The Future of M2E

FightOut is a project that recently started with a web3 application that provides a reward in the form of crypto for its use. This is possible because they take steps, but also through other forms of sports.

What the creators of FightOut are trying to do is combine the physical world with the web3 world. The ultimate goal is to involve the fitness centers in the larger cities in the project and create an integrated web3 fitness delivery. According to the coin’s Whitepaper, another app is also planned. This will happen in the second quarter of 2023.

It will also be possible to connect wearable technology such as smartwatches quickly and easily via this app. The metaverse with the app as reinforcement will form its own small tokenized economy. Here it is possible to earn tokens, but also to spend them on various sports lessons.

Why FightOut beats all the competition

What the team at FightOut has thought through are the shortcomings of all other providers on the market. For example, they respond well to the shortcomings of their biggest competitor, STEPN.

FightOut tracks much more than just steps and speed, which is the case with STEPN. FightOut will be able to measure all forms of fitness activity through the use of smartphones and wearable technology.

In addition, there is a strong ambassador program which will realize the platform’s further growth. The project plans to enroll professional martial artists, as well as professionals, to promote the platform and interact with users through the FightOut metaverse, including by offering fitness programs and masterclasses.

Unlike STEPN, which requires its users to purchase expensive trainer NFTs to participate, FightOut users are not required to make expensive NFT buy-ins to participate.

Fightout will provide a more holistic web3 experience than the competition. You can upgrade your avatars as users. Users navigate the FightOut metaverse through their avatar, which has a lot of social elements to motivate you to keep training.

Fightout news

The token is currently available at a pre-sale price of 60.06 FGHT for 1 Dollar. That price will rise soon, so it’s a great time for investors to get in.

The goal of this crypto presale is to raise $100 million from the presale, of which it plans to use about 70% to buy/renovate sports venues. FightOut offers users several options to purchase FGHT Token, including via credit/debit card, with ETH or with USDT.

How to buy FightOut

Buy Fightout Tokens

Why buy FGHT?

The platform’s token can be used for various things. For example, it is possible for users to buy into certain fitness competitions where FGHT will be used as a pool for the winner. In addition, peer-to-peer betting is also possible via the platform.

In addition, there are also services that can secure the revenue model and future of FightOut. For this, users of the platform get a discount of 25%. If users also use the FightOut app’s (REPS) off-chain currency, they will receive an additional discount.

As previously mentioned, it is also possible for the athletes to purchase various sports lessons or private lessons with this currency. Investors who want to get in now can also count on a generous bonus system from the pre-sale. They receive an additional bonus of 25% for the investment. In any case, it promises to be one of the most talked about presales of the year.

Visit the FightOut Presale here

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