“Water technology installations can be set up optimally”

Tholen – Greenhouse horticulture is developing rapidly worldwide. Jos Tas, one of the owners of Zyztemz, can totally relate to that. The company was putting the finishing touches on a major project in Morocco when we spoke to Jos. That project was the Center of Excellence in Horticulture in Agadir. “That project was established there in collaboration with Wageningen University, and we and Zyztemz were tasked with delivering the water and electricity installation. And it was delivered recently.”

Sebastiaan Hijstek from Horti XS and Jos Tas from Zyztemz

Total package
The project in Morocco is one in a long line, but how did this portfolio of projects come about? Josh goes back to the beginning. “Zyztemz specializes in irrigation units, one of our customers is Horti XS, we have realized many projects abroad for Horti XS in recent years on behalf of Horti XS, where we design and deliver the water and electrical installation. With Zyztemz we mainly supply mixing tank units, but we also design and build transport pump units, drain metering units, filter units, heat exchanger units.”

International focus
Our products are primarily for projects abroad, including Russia, India, Iraq, Poland, Romania, Greece, the Middle East and North Africa.” In addition to water pump units, we are also active in electrical switchboard construction.”

Under the leadership of Jos Tas, they hope to grow Zyztemz in the coming years, and so far they have been successful. “In 2020, we were still eight, and now we have 16 people.”

Precision work
For Jos himself, the focus is on designing the water technical installations at Zyztemz. “My passion lies within water technology. Designing a water unit is totally my thing.” Making such a design is really precision work. “In principle, each mixing container unit is ‘custommade’, but we have developed a specific range with 6 volumes/capacities. In this way, we build in a kind of standardization, and that standard model is then further tailored.”

An example: in Saudi Arabia, Zyztemz has sold 6 units that are currently in production. “Those units are 50 cubic meters per hour, which means they fall into a specific type of mixing tank unit. With the push of a button, you have all the construction drawings and parts at hand. These 3D models can then be sent to the construction department. This way we can switch quickly with the development of our Zyzmix-Pro devices.”

As mentioned, anything is possible when it comes to customization. Josh gives an example. “We received the request from England to put a special tap on the mixing tank so that it can be flushed empty. Then it’s just a matter of getting hold of one of the standard units and we’ll tinker with it a bit.”

Another example: “Last month I delivered a project in Greece. Normally the water is flushed with fertilizer and all, but this customer wanted the automatic filter to be flushed with clean water. I had never seen anything like it before, so we designed it specially, including adjustments to the electrical panel.”

And in Abu Dhabi, a mixing tank unit was recently delivered to Red Sea Farms, which was also something special. “They asked for a stand-alone mixing tank unit, not controlled by an existing horticultural computer, but equipped with its own controls. We put a controller up there with our own sensors.”

More than irrigation
Jos really enjoys these kinds of puzzles, you can tell when he talks about them. According to him, this is where the company’s strength lies. “Many companies find it difficult to adapt standard products to the customer, but we are flexible in this regard.”

This flexibility is also reflected in the range: “We make more than just irrigation units. For example, we now have four heat exchanger units under construction. The irrigation water, which sometimes comes in too cold from the silo, is first filtered, passes through a heat exchanger and is then warm enough to be used for irrigation.”

The focus is primarily on the international market – via its own sellers, but also with the help of partners and agents, Zyztemz seeks contact with the local market.

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