FightOut (FGHT) – The Best New Move-to-Earn Project of 2023

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$2.17 million has now been raised in the presale of FightOut (FGHT), just one week after launch. This remarkably high amount shows that the market is excited about the project, which runs on Ethereum as a Move-to-Earn Web3 app and will launch in Q2 2023. Users will be rewarded if they participate in exercise and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

M2E platforms like STEPN and Sweatcoin had a great 2022, but FightOut’s extensive features will see this new project take the lead in the fast-growing sector. Next year the pre-sale will end and once the FGHT coins are listed on exchanges, early investors will be able to make a big profit.

Move-to-Earn Crypto market is popular, FightOut is on the rise – Read why here

Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have suffered big losses in 2022, but move-to-earn tokens like STEPN (GMT) and Sweatcoin (SWEAT) have made big gains since their launch. Despite the heavy losses in the overall crypto market, CoinGecko shows that GMT is up 196% since its launch in March and SWEAT is up 46% since its September IPO.

Thus, move-to-earn crypto projects are one of the most promising new sectors of the crypto market, and FightOut is a project in this sector.

FightOut will not only reward users for taking action, as STEPN does, but they will also be rewarded for participating in other activities, sports and training.

Launching in the second quarter of 2023, FightOut offers a variety of classes such as on-demand training sessions, live sessions, strength training, mobility, yoga, meditation, boxing and more. In the FightOut app, users can join the training sessions, but they can also train at the local FightOut gyms. The crypto project plans to open 20 of its own gyms worldwide, as well as more activities at existing facilities.

Users are rewarded in the form of FightOut’s second token, REP. In addition to paying for FightOut’s subscription (FGHT can also be used for this), REP allows for remote purchases of in-game items and training. This gives both tokens good reasons to buy and collect the coin, so FGHT and REP will grow significantly as the platform becomes more popular.

FightOut’s goal is to help users improve their sports performance with tailored motivational programs as well as technique-oriented courses. The boxing course starts first, consisting of an in-app video series with professional trainers helping users learn the basics before they have a chance at achievement badges.

In addition, FightOut will also have a strong social element, with the features allowing users to post their latest workouts and results, share news, follow each other and add status updates. Furthermore, the project aims to open health bars, information rooms and co-working spaces so that users develop a sense of community.

Other features are also planned, namely staking, limited edition NFTs, NFT based avatars, player versus player matches and (eventually) its own metaverse. This shows the great ambition of the team, and the various features offer more utility and value than any other existing M2E platform.

Investors can pre-sale FGHT by visiting the official website and adding their WalletConnect or MetaMask wallets. FGHT can be purchased directly with USDT or ETH, with 60% of the total maximum supply of FGHT available (10 billion in total).

There are also bonuses of up to 50% as an additional incentive for early investors, allowing them to buy even more FGHT before it is listed on the exchanges. In this way, investors have a good chance to make money with crypto.

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There are already more than 35,000 followers on FightOut’s account, which shows the popularity of the project, despite the fact that the account was only active in October. So the market has responded positively to FightOut’s new platform.

Previous pre-sales this year show that the market could see FGHT rise once it is listed on the exchanges. For example, Lucky Block (LBLOCK) and Battle Infinity (IBAT) have made profits of 6,000% and 3,000% compared to the presale price of $0.00015. FGHT may not realize such huge profits, but the token’s fundamentals are at least as strong as those two coins.

FightOut has a great chance to become a successful platform as it rewards users if they lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle. The platform therefore arrives at exactly the right place and at the right time.

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