Máxima wore these hats in 2022

Her mother-in-law has a weakness for hats, and Máxima has to believe it too. This year she wore 25 hats, 12 of which were new.

Let’s start with the ones we already knew. Haters of cap hats and reliefs should now scroll through, because Máxima recycled mainly hats from these categories.

At number 1: a black relevé by Fabienne Delvigne.

(c) PPE

Máxima’s favorite winter hat, a gray relevé by Fabienne Delvigne, was of course also included. (Number 2)

Although the relevé may look very simple, it is not a beginner’s job for modists. With the tight, wide shade, you can see every bump. It’s not that nice unless it’s intentional. This purple relevé by Fabienne Delvigne, for example, has a deliberate nod. (Number 3)

A brown relevé also appeared. Unfortunately, it is not known who the manufacturer is.

On to the cap hats, because they were also popular. When she visited Nuffic, she wore a green replica of lacquered ribbon straw. We are probably talking about a design of Máxima’s maid Jolanda.

At number 6 is a dark blue pillbox, which in 2013 was combined with Máxima’s famous bow dress from Taminiau.

Photo PPE

Caps are tight in shape, but of course you can always stick a dotted lace on them.
(Number 7)

Thanks to the Princess of Wales, headbands are all the rage right now. For the state visit to Greece, Máxima took out her Greek flower wreath from Delvigne.
(Number 8)

Photo: Nieboer/PPE

At number 9 is a silk flower decoration, manufacturer unknown.

10: a cool fedora (from Delvigne) is also (almost) always a good idea.


11: Before the opening of the Artis Museum, Máxima took out her King’s Day 2014 turban. Creator: Fabienne Delvigne.

Practical when it rains: a gray hat with a downward shade. Creator: Fabienne Delvigne.

For about three years now, the Queen has also been able to find success with Philip Treacy. This black cap with lace appliqué was bought for a memorial service in Poland, but could also serve well during the memorial service for Prince Philip.

Okay, now we move on to the new ones. Apparently the Queen has adopted a new, secret address, as this year there are hats whose maker is unknown. This is also the case with this cool hat with a feather. Any idea? (Number 14)

(c) PPE

The drop-shaped hat makes this white headpiece look like a design by Philip Treacy, but the British miller said he did not make the hat. (Number 15)

In any case, it is clear that the Queen these days has a soft spot for small, round hats with voile, feathers or other forms of decoration. This cutie appeared in Sweden. (Number 16)

Small, on forehead, maker unknown. In just a little while, I’ll be a long-playing record that lingers.

High time to show off Máxima’s greatest acquisition: a wide-brimmed felt hat with a bow by Philip Treacy.

Two for the price of one? Numbers 19 and 20 are similar in design but differ in color. Creator: Fabienne Delvigne.

This sturdy fedora was purchased from the Parisian Maison Michel.

Thanks to the Princess of Wales, headbands are all the rage right now. At Namjosh, Máxima bought this pink one with Indian embroidery. (Number 22)

23: This sweet flower wreath comes from Berry Rutjes’s studio.

For a few years, Máxima has also had her hats changed regularly. This turban-like hat has been given an extra layer of voile.

Jolanda, Máxima’s maid, also took care of the hat that appeared during the state visit to Indonesia, 2021. (left). After changing the round caps and adding silk flowers, Máxima could look like new again in 2022 (right).

Suppose you were allowed to put yourself in Máxima’s shoes for a day. The weather and the occasion were up to you. Which hat would you like to wear? I go for 15 or 24 because it seems super smart to me to be able to see the world through a tassel of voile.

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