These are the eleven most beautiful drawings that children (and their parents) sent to Friesch Dagblad for the Christmas drawing competition

For the past two weeks, Friesch Dagblad’s letterbox and letterbox have been flooded with cheerful Christmas drawings for the annual Christmas drawing competition. The task was to draw something in the theme of ‘well-being’. Children filled this very creatively, with hearts, the birth of Jesus Christ and especially with being together.

The new thing is that this time, in addition to primary schools, we also encouraged grandparents and parents to send Christmas art by their (grand)children. It did not fall on deaf ears. Most of the drawings we received came from a proud family. And not unfairly. Many of the drawings that get an honorable mention here come from parents and grandparents.

However, the award winners in three age categories fell among the entries from the schools. We were allowed to receive thick envelopes from some schools, and the teachers gave the children a lot of freedom to interpret ‘well-being’ in their own way.

Age 4 to 6 years

First prize in the youngest children goes to the six-year-old Pele who attends the Albertine Agnes School (Ambion) in Oranjewoud. Miss Mariette Stael provided a particularly colorful starting point by letting children draw things with dark paint on a watercolor background that reminds them of ‘well-being’. Pelle thought mainly of hearts, but also of gifts, a Christmas tree and glitter.

Ettje Tigchelaar submitted a beautiful drawing of the six-year-old Foke who has made a real, but for his age also detailed, Christmas scene with marker, pencil and pen. The last honorable mention in the youngest group goes to Thys, who at four years is the competition’s youngest participant. The nice thing is that he participated through his outdoor school De Slotschool, part of IKC De Slotschool, in Sint Annaparochie (CBO Noardwest Fryslân). Thys aptly named his drawing ‘funny’ and when we saw the drawing we could imagine something about it.

Age 7 to 10 years

The winner in the middle school has become Marit (8 years) with his beautiful and detailed drawing of the baby Jesus. Marit goes to school at PCBO By de Boarne in Boornbergum (PCBO Smallingerland). Her drawing made us very happy, complete with the animals in the barn. Froukje Jongsma, teacher in group 5/6 sent in the drawings.

There are three more drawings that we would like to give an honorable mention in this category. First of all, it is the ten-year-old’s drawing Annarixt which was submitted by Margriet Weststeijn-Stienstra. It is a drawing with a story. Annarixt is this Christmas holiday with her family, namely in New Zealand, where her uncle lives. This means a Christmas with temperatures around twenty degrees and an ice cream in hand. If it does not evoke a pleasant feeling?

The second honorable mention is for all children of group 4 of IKC Prince Maurits in Leeuwarden. Miss Petra ended with a candle at ‘enjoy’. ‘The light reminds us of others. People you care about. The light gives us a feeling of well-being.’

Finally, we would like to post the drawing of the ten year old Linden from PCBO By de Boarne. Her ball tells a whole Christmas story.

Age 11 and 12 years

Most of the drawings are made by the oldest children. It was therefore difficult to choose, but the winner also comes from Boornbergum here, namely the eleven-year-old Alianne which goes to PCBO By de Boarne. Her drawing is as full of details as birds in the sky, Santa Claus in his sleigh with reindeer and presents in the chimney.

Because there are so many drawings in this age group, we have three honorable mentions in this category. The first is for the eleven year old Younes that goes to IKC Prince Maurits in Leeuwarden. He made a beautiful winter picture with two snowmen who are ‘strong together’.

Joukje van Abbema sent in a very nice drawing of the eleven-year-old Sybrich with a clear message: ‘You celebrate Christmas together!’.

The last drawing, which we do not want to leave unmentioned, is of the twelve-year-old Ilse of SLS de Tijstream from Holwerd. Teacher Tine Rienks from group 8 also let the children be completely free. Ilse made three dolls that hold the world together.

All three prize winners receive a children’s book package, prepared by Boekhandel van der Velde. Congratulations to all award winners and many thanks to everyone for their great contributions. Hope to see you next year!

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