”We want to market the beauty of our design product more widely!”

Wave is a quality brand of luxury design hoods that are at the forefront of current trends. The contemporary designs in the Wave range offer a wide range of options to suit any kitchen design, where the technology leaves nothing to be desired. High-quality, whisper-quiet fans that quietly keep the kitchen free of odors and steam. These are the hoods that Wave offers the demanding consumer.

It has also been turbulent times for Wave. The first was the corona outbreak, which largely shut down brick-and-mortar retail for two years, including the kitchen specialty stores that sell the hoods. In addition, inflation played a role.

Together with the owners of this beautiful brand, Vincent van den Berg and Jerry Severins, we look back at the past and look forward to the new year 2023.

Left Vincent van den Berg with Jerry Severins.

1. What do you see as the biggest challenge for 2023?
”For Wave as a company, it remains a continuous process to get the specific kitchen specialist to sell a Wave hood in the design. We want to market the beauty of our product even more widely!”

Vincent: ”For me personally, the goal for next year will be to skyrocket the turnover in the north of the Netherlands. I have been responsible for the entire region for a year now and have gotten to know my customers well. Now it is important to express the way we have come together in a significant increase in turnover.”

Jerry: ”For me, it remains a challenge to conquer the market with our concept and to further expand and realize this product level in a wide network of specialists.”

2. How has current inflation affected Wave?
Everything became more expensive due to inflation. But this happened everywhere, across industry and the economy. In addition, a Wave hood is a design product that is already sold in a higher segment. It will affect us, but the question is how much’.

3. What has changed since corona?
“In itself, nothing significant has changed in our industry because of the corona. There was of course a hype in the interior design industry, because consumers spent an enormous amount of money on the interior design. Wave was also allowed to participate. The relationship with the interior and kitchen specialist was very important in this.”

“Furthermore, we have increasingly come to the realization that not everything regarding work and personal life is a matter of course. For us, privacy always comes before work, and there is much more to it than just the Wave business. We both came to these insights after the corona period.

4. What do you look back on with pride?
””The overall work we did with Wave! In addition to good sales figures, we have organized a wide range of events, such as the bus tour with interior specialists along appealing locations, where people were informed about all kinds of materials. We have called it the Wave Material Experience on tour. A gift from us to the industry. Because almost nowhere we’ve been had a Wave hood to be found. It wasn’t important either. Knowledge and development are important to us, and we offered that opportunity to our customers that day.
After a few years, we were also back at the VT Wonen & Design fair, where we introduced consumers to our new models and numerous options.”

Jerry: ”Personally, I look back with pride on the personal development I have made internally. In this way, I have gained more insight into who I can and can be!”

Vincent: ”I look back with pride on the balance I have been able to strike between work and personal life, and which I hope to continue next year. In the end, the home situation is always more important than work!”

Any plans for next year?
”In 2023, we will participate in various fairs, such as the Eigen Huis en Interieur fair, the VT Wonen & Design fair, and we expect to organize the bus tour several times a year.”

“In addition, we can introduce some new products, colors and materials to the market. We already have some great ideas. So keep following us! On our page, Facebook or Instagram page!” Jerry Severins and Vincent van den Berg conclude.

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