Using stop-loss at Bitvavo – A complete step-by-step plan.

Is your portfolio turning red and you have big losses? Maybe it was still useful to use a stop-loss. Both long-term investors and day traders have only one goal: to make as much money as possible. But what if the proposed scenario turns out a little differently?

Trading is done based on different indicators. These provide aprobabilitywhether the price goes up or down. Please note: you never have any guarantees. Is the price going down? Then of course you would like to protect your capital. This can be done by using a stop-loss. Do you shop at Bitvavo? Then use stop-limit order. Find out how you can do this in this article.

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What is Bitvavo?

Bitvavo is one of the most popular and well-known Dutch exchanges. The platform was launched in 2018 and involves everyone can easily buy and sell his favorite cryptocurrency. Bitvavo focuses on simplicity and intuition so that everyone can use the platform, both beginners and experienced traders. The platform has its own software wallet where you can store your crypto.

Bitvavo has been registered with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) since November 2020. As a result, users must verify themselves upon registration. Don’t have an account yet or want to know more about Bitvavo? Then read this comprehensive blog.


Do you have an account with Bitvavo? Then there is a good chance that you will use the application where you can easily buy and sell crypto. Bitvavo therefore focuses on simplicity and simplicity to buy crypto in an intuitive way via their exchange. The only downside is that the application may be too simple for experienced traders.

Why? If you buy or sell crypto via the application, this always happens on the basis of a market order. Because you can do not place limit orders or stop-loss in the application. This is only possible in the advanced variant on your computer.


To provide good service and various trading opportunities, you can use a stop-loss in the advanced mode of your Bitvavo account. Not only can you send, receive and withdraw crypto here, but in the advanced mode you can trade like a real trader.

The image below shows the advanced mode of Bitvavo. On the right, you see the current price for a certain time frame and the order book. In the left panel you can use limit orders and stop limits. But what exactly are they and what is the difference?

What is a Stop Loss?

A stop-loss is an order that is filled as soon as the price of a particular cryptocurrency reaches a predetermined price. Crypto can be extremely volatile. If we look at CoinGecko, we see that increases and decreases of even +100% in one day are no exception. But where large profits can be made, there is always danger. The price may take a dive after your purchase. Fortunately, you can hedge against this thanks to a stop-loss.

How does a stop loss work?

Do you want to work with stop-loss to minimize your loss? Then it is useful to know how a stop-loss works. Are you buying crypto from Bitvavo and doing so at the current price? Then you buy based on a market order. But you can also choose to only buy crypto at a certain price, just as you can set in advance to sell your crypto again at a certain price.

We call the latter a stop-loss, literally: stop your ‘loss’, your loss. Do you believe in the fundamental value of a project? Then you can choose to hold on to your coins for years, despite the fact that you may or may not have a temporary loss. But think carefully about this choice, as there is no certainty.

Example: You buy Bitcoin at a price of $20,000. At best, you make a profit, but what if the price drops? You will then limit your damage and sell your Bitcoin at a predetermined price lower than the current price. Suppose you choose a strike price of $19,000, but you are only willing to sell for $18,500. Of course, the price can still rise again. As soon as the price drops below $19,000, this order becomes a limit order. Your order will therefore be filled to a value of 18,500 dollars.

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When do you use a stop-limit order?

You can use a stop limit order in different scenarios. You can use it not only in a falling market, but also when the price rises.

Technical analyses

Traders mainly rely on technical analysis. Various indicators provide a ‘probabilitywhether the price is going to rise or fall, depending on certain support and resistance zones. Traders also use this.

Falling market

In a falling market, we primarily look at a stop-loss. Traders look at the charts and carefully choose the price for their stop loss. This can be a crucial support or an important level. Does the price break? Then it is ‘likely’ that the price will continue to fall. At that point it is good to minimize your loss.

Rising market

You can also use a limit order in a rising market. The principle is almost the same. Has the price dropped and various indicators are showing you that the price is ‘likely’ to rise again? Then you can set your order at this price. It is of course advisable to also place a stop-loss from this point. If the price still goes down, then you can minimize losses.

How do you set a stop-loss on Bitvavo?

You can therefore only make a stop-loss at Bitvavo in the desktop version in advanced mode. With a stop-limit order, a limit order is activated only when the pre-selected trigger price (or stop price) is hit. This way you have more control over exactly when an order is placed. To achieve this, you must therefore set two different prices, as in the example above.

Trigger price: this is the price at which the order is activated.

Limit price: this is the maximum/minimum price at which you will buy/sell your crypto.

  1. Sign up on Bitvavo’s website.
  2. Navigate to ‘Advanced’ at the top of the menu.
  1. At the top left, select the market, in this case BTC-EUR.
  1. Select a buy or sell order.
  1. Select ‘Stop limit’.
  1. Select the trigger price. How far can the price fall before the limit order is placed?
  2. Select the amount of crypto.
  3. Select the price you want to set the limit at.
  4. Click “Continue” or “Continue”.

Congratulations, you have placed your (first) stop-loss / stop-limit order with Bitvavo!

In this way, you can always keep a close eye on your own assets and you will never be met with surprises.


Have you ever invested in cryptocurrencies and your portfolio is mostly red? Maybe it would have been a good idea to minimize your losses anyway. After all, you’d rather lose 5% than lose 80%. In addition, there is also never a guarantee that the price will be restored. If you could turn back time, would you have used a stop-loss? Probably.

Whether we are in a bull market or a bear market, It is always important to protect your capital. Both taking profits in time, but also taking your losses in time. Therefore, it is important to make an action plan in advance and stick to it. Use stop-limit order to minimize your losses.

Looking for more information or have questions about Bitvavo, about stop-loss or other cryptocurrencies? Or would you like to meet other crypto enthusiasts? In it free Discord channels of our product Money Mastery from AllesOverCrypto you can ask questions and talk to thousands of other crypto enthusiasts. Have other crypto-related questions? The easiest thing is to enter your question our FAQ to look up. What you can also do is that you google your question + AllesOverCrypto.

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