Why outsourcing SEO is a must for businesses

The number of companies in the Netherlands continues to grow, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. Since the start of the pandemic, relatively more self-employed people and companies have come to our country.

This means that there is more competition in all niches. To stand out to potential clients and customers, you need to increase your visibility. Outsourcing SEO can help with that. In this article you can read more about the importance of this and find some tips for outsourcing SEO.

SEO: what exactly is it and how does it work?

Before you start outsourcing SEO, it is good to know exactly what SEO is and what it can do for you as an entrepreneur. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or: search engine optimization. All processes and steps you take with the aim of getting your website to score higher in the search engine fall under SEO. A higher ranking in Google means more visibility for potential clients and/or customers. This is important because the majority of Dutch people start their search for a product or service in the search engine.

There are several factors within SEO that ensure a good position. These mainly relate to three categories: content, technology and links. This means that the content on your website must be qualitative and complete with the right keywords so that someone does not have to look any further. From a purely technological point of view, your website must load quickly, you must use an SSL certificate and the structure of the website must be well put together. The link category has to do with link building, where you show Google that you are an authority in what you do because other major websites are linking to your website.

Benefits of outsourcing SEO to your business

You can start optimizing SEO for your company yourself, but the disadvantage is that it takes time and expertise. Therefore, most entrepreneurs choose to outsource SEO to a professional company such as an internet agency. You then benefit from various benefits of using SEO, including:

  • With SEO, you ensure that your website is easier to find in the search engines, after which you can generate free traffic to your website. The following applies: The higher you rank, the greater the chance that people will visit your website.
  • It is true that SEO outsourcing costs money, but with this help you know where you stand financially. An internet agency can ensure that you rank higher in Google for a fixed amount (per month or according to what you have agreed). It is a long-term investment
  • What is also nice is that SEO creates trust. A website that ranks high in the search engine seems more reliable than a website that is hard to find. If so, there must be a reason why Google ranks this website so highly.
  • One of the biggest benefits of SEO is the relevant website traffic you get with it. People who land on your website via Google are looking for something you offer. The chance is therefore also greater that they will actually buy or purchase something, which will result in more revenue and profit.
  • With SEO you are visible in all search engines. Besides Google, Bing, for example, is very popular, especially among the elderly. Search engines like Yahoo and DuckDuckGo also count in SEO.

Do SEO yourself or would you rather outsource it?

What is also very beneficial about SEO is that it is something that anyone can learn and do on their own. So if you want to spend as little money as possible on SEO, the cheapest way is to do this yourself. However, you should not underestimate SEO, because it requires a lot of knowledge and experience before you can actually score with it. This even takes so long that you have less time left to invest in the development of your business. Therefore, it is advisable to outsource SEO to people who have made it their job.

They can quickly and professionally ensure that your website meets all SEO ticks to rank high in Google. You can continue doing what you are good at and a specialist will do the SEO work for you. Your company now becomes more and more visible, while you don’t have to do anything yourself. Ideal right? In your search for a suitable SEO partner, be aware of the following SEO outsourcing tips:

  • Pay close attention to the notice period and choose a collaboration with an agency with a minimum notice period.
  • An expensive SEO company is not always better than a cheaper expert. So take a good look around to see which price suits you best.
  • Always talk to one or more internet agencies that specialize in SEO. This way you will learn more about the activities, the rates and the final goal.

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