Why do we keep seeing Emily in Paris en masse?!

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Emily cutting bangs, Emily who is in love with Gabriel but also in a relationship with Alfie, Emily who can’t choose between two jobs… Not to mention the terribly over-the-top product placement from McDonald’s in the first episode where The fast food chain probably paid millions for it. Despite my annoyances, I can’t stop watching hit series Emily in Paris, and I was secretly very happy to hear that there are more seasons in the works. It makes me wonder: why, despite the fierce criticism of the series, are we such massive fans of Emily in Paris?

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My love-hate relationship with Emily in Paris

Emily’s indecision is definitely the main theme of the series. And without too much spoilers not leading to the results she had hoped for. At least no one knows exactly what Emily Cooper was hoping for, incl herself.

In 2020, the Netflix series promised a modern, European variant Sex and the City to be, but on closer inspection is anything but. And unlike Carrie Bradshaw – who thinks primarily of herself – there is something likable about Emily Cooper; a gift almost comparable to Daphne Sullivan from WhiteLotus season 2. No matter what is said to Emily, she will get through it. A partner there partner tape disconnect? Emily is the last to complain and puts her own ego aside. A big customer like McDonald’s that can be pulled in to save Sylvie’s new business? At your service – she even puts her own relationship on the line for it, but without realizing it. Her profit please from others makes you both annoyed and sympathetic to her at the same time. A gift if you ask me. When I saw the first episode, I sat several times with crooked toes and the thought: choose yourself. Perhaps the irritation comes from the fact that many women can relate to Emily’s deserving demeanor, or perhaps the irritation comes from the outfits she wears – which are as colorful as her cheerful disposition.

Outfit Emily Cooper

Perhaps what I enjoy the most is the on-site analysis of my favorite Instagram and TikTok account: ice service couture. After watching each episode, he criticizes Emily’s outfits, as well as the other characters’. ‘This is definitely one of the worst looks I’ve ever seen in Emily in Paris‘, he begins his review of the second episode. ‘If you want to experience how bad it is, go to season three, episode two.The description of Emily’s top as a ‘cross between a zebra and a bat’ certainly fits here. Like Hanan Besovic (owner of the account above), I think Sylvie is the best dressed woman in Emily in Paris is. Although Camille Razat is no worse than that in episode one. In one of the first scenes, she is wearing Maison Margiela tabi boots, a large Balmain bomber jacket and oversized jeans – as far as I’m concerned, Emily can, not necessarily, take a cue from this. The fact that Sylvie and the über-American Madeline wear the same dress to an important event proves once again that taste cannot be bought, evidenced by the misplaced over-accessorizing from Madeline. Watch and learn from Sylvie: the dress speaks for itself.

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The Emily in Paris effect

But what exactly is it? Emily in Paris effect? Why is it a series you hate to love? The story is partly predictable, partly banal, but at the same time everything you hope for. Perhaps it is the contradictions in life that we rush through every day without noticing them, perhaps the series sets in motion exactly the things we would rather not face ourselves. Or maybe it’s just a series that looks nice without you having to think too much about it. In any case, we get a glimpse into the “dream world” (admittedly at times more like a nightmare) of a young American woman chasing her ambitions in Paris. There is no pandemic, no war, and no other ugly things clouding her reality, and that’s perhaps what makes the series so great. Whatever it is, one thing is certain: me binge shameless tonight.

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