These are the most striking images of 2022

From the Queen sipping tea with Paddington Bear to Thimothée Chalamet’s red jumpsuit: a roundup of the most striking images of 2022.


Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, people around the world turned on blue and yellow lights to illuminate famous buildings in Ukrainian colors as a sign of support and protest against the invasion.

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Both world stars and reputable auction houses are offering hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy an NFT, or non-fungible token, of a monkey portrait from the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

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Touching tea party

The entire British nation, and indeed the entire world, is moved when Queen Elizabeth II invites Paddinton Bear to tea in the spring of 2022 for her platinum jubilee and admits that she – as he does under his hat – always has a jam sandwich with him. The 96-year-old Queen dies on September 8.

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Heard VS Depp

An emotional Amber Heard about the heavily mediated lawsuit between her and her ex-husband Johnny Depp, whom she accuses of domestic violence and sexual assault. The trial split the world into two camps, which busily argued online about who was right or wrong.

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Right to abortion

This summer, Roe VS Wade, or the right to abortion, was overturned in a dozen states in the United States. Protests follow across the US, a wave of solidarity from other states starts, and it becomes a big theme in the midterm elections.

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Iconic fashion moment

Reality star Kim Kardashian showed up to the annual Met Ball in the iconic dress Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang “Happy Birthday, Mister President” in 1962. A stunt with equal parts pros and cons.

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Climate activism in the art world

In July, following the example of the Mona Lisa who got a pie in the face, climate activists are clinging to famous masterpieces by Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci and Van Eyck.

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Cross the bill

It took eleven years and 107 million euros to renovate the KMSKA, but the museum reopened its doors at the end of September. After a busy first weekend, however, the white, glossy floors are already full of black streaks. As in the regular gymnasium, it is recommended to use shoes with white soles.

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Break stereotypes

At the world premiere of the film Bones and All in Venice, Thimothée Chalamet pulled out all the stops. He appeared in a slightly sparkly red jumpsuit with a halter top and a bare back, a design by Haider Ackermann. The pictures went around the world, and Chalamet won praise for both his confidence and his personal style.

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Remarkable collaboration

In August, Balenciaga unveiled a handbag that looked like a garbage bag, in October it came with a bag in the shape of a bag of chips. The collaboration with Lay’s comes – just like the real chip bags – in yellow, red and blue.

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Strategic chess game

Soccer stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo play a game of chess. A suitcase from the luxury brand Louis Vuitton functions strategically like a chessboard. The day before the start of the controversial World Cup, this campaign photo was published on Instagram, where it has already gathered more than six million likes.

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Futuristic skyline

The Boerentoren in Antwerp is getting a makeover. The new owner Fernand Huts chooses Daniel Libeskind’s slightly pointed, futuristic design that will transform the city’s skyline. This is not universally welcomed.

(c) Daniel Libeskind

The Guess store on London’s Regent Street has been forced to close its doors for a day after Banksy encouraged shoplifters to rob the branch via Instagram. The reason? The American fashion brand uses prints from Banksy in its new collections, but forgot to ask permission, according to the graffiti artist.

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Spray dress

Top model Bella Hadid gets a dress sprayed on live during the Coperni show. A stunt that went around the world and was received with both cheers and criticism.

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Revenge dress

In the fifth season of The Crown, Princess Diana appeared in the famous revenge dress: a short, black dress she wore right after Charles publicly confessed to his infidelity. Prompt experienced both the expression and the fashion item correctly revival.

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Protest hairstyle

In response to the death of 22-year-old Masha Amini in September, women in Iran – and elsewhere in the world – are cutting their hair en masse in protest against the religious police’s strict rules.

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