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The Metaverse has only been around for less than three years and is still evolving. Despite this, it has already attracted interest from several companies and individuals. According to the McKinsey report, this crypto-powered virtual world could be worth more than 5 trillion by 2030. From this moment, less than 8 years have passed.

Metaverse concepts such as Decentraland and The Sandbox have paved the way for a new market to emerge. However, both projects do not seem to be reaching their full potential. One project that looks to do just that is the new metaverse project: RobotEra.

This article will give investors an introduction to the project. This will discuss RobotEra’s idea of ​​what might change in the metaverse space.

What is RobotEra?

Launched in November 2022, RobotEra is a metaverse project where players can rebuild a planet from scratch. Players can perform various activities on this planet, where they are tasked with transforming a barren virtual landscape into their own vibrant Robot World.

Players take the form of a robot in this metaverse, hence the name RobotEra. Each robot is linked to a non-fungible token (NFT), making each robot unique and different from each other.

RobotEra has the full suite of metaverse features for its players. The main responsibility of the players is to gather resources to rebuild the planet, build little robot friends and complete challenges. What’s special about RobotEra is that it also has a shared multiverse, which allows players to connect to other metaverse worlds to collaborate and create things. In addition, it is possible to create and earn money from theme parks, organize concerts and even create a museum for virtual visitors. RobotEra users can also create with other NFT communities in the virtual landscape.

The team in the project is also developing other unique concepts. For example, in the near future it may be possible for users to unleash their creative brains in the RobotEra Editor. This tool allows players to create virtual land, robots and NFTs.

It will be possible for players to participate in quests to win all kinds of rewards. Some of these will be in the form of the native token TARO. Additionally, RobotEra is unique in that players can create their own art and display it at exhibitions or museums.

With so much potential gathered in one project, it is not surprising that this network token has managed to gain so much attention.

TARO blows through the Presale

Like many other crypto-focused projects, the RobotEra team aims to increase crypto adoption through interesting crypto games. The project is supported for this by the play-to-earn (P2E) game model, where players are rewarded with in-game currencies for playing the game.

This in-game money is called TARO and will be used in various activities on the platform. This includes paying for items and unlocking important items for individual robots.

The pre-sale of the RobotEra project is currently underway, with the aim of raising money from investors to further develop the project. Although the project is only a month old, the token has managed to gain a lot of attention among investors. This is supported when one sees how much the team has already managed to travel. At the time of writing, RobotEra has already raised over $635,072 in pre-sale crypto.

Meanwhile, early investors are snapping up the token for $0.20 each in the current pre-sale phase. However, the price per token is expected to increase to $0.025 in the next phase and $0.032 in the final phase before the token is launched in the market. The large amount of investment seems to reflect a high demand for the token among investors. Investors wondering how best to buy RobotEra should read our Buying RobotEra guide.

Since the metaverse ecosystem has been named the next frontier of human development and interaction with the Internet. Can it be concluded that RobotEra and TARO are the best opportunities to benefit from this vision of the future.

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