Dominique (25) has a secret relationship with her married uncle

“It happened on New Year’s Eve last year. I danced the night away with my girlfriends. We had taken a pill and were determined to make it a good New Year. When I was cycling home from my partner at four o’clock, I saw an app from my seventeen-year-old cousin. I feel good with him. He had just returned home with his parents, who were still drinking heavily with a few friends. He asked if I was coming too. It was on the route so I thought why not?

My uncle Nick – my mother’s sister’s husband – opened the door. I’ve always had a soft spot for him. Of course: he was old in my eyes, because he is well into his forties. But he has a sense of humor and is still a hottie. He hugged me. Then he smiled at me, eyes that were familiar and seductive at the same time. In that moment I fell in love with a man I had known for as long as I could remember.”

“As I mingled with the people, my eyes kept following him. He noticed and winked at me a few times. He had no idea that I, still dazed from the pill, decided: I’m going to lure this man into my bed, if only for once. This is how it started: with sudden butterflies in the stomach and an ill-advised but deliberate plan. I was used to taking life as I pleased. Would I have done the same if I knew how it would all turn out? Absolutely. Although I did not anticipate that I would lose control and the situation would become extremely complicated.”

“That night it was all about watching. A few days later I texted Nick. It wasn’t unusual, I’ve done it before. Now I kept reaching out, joking, sending pictures. And he responded. Later he told me he felt it too on New Year’s Eve. That my messages were confirmation and gave him the courage to propose a date a few weeks later. He was in anyway; did I want a pizza with him? It was new, because normally we only saw each other at family parties.

I put on my shortest dress and highest heels. Nick proved a willing prey. He had been married for twenty years and was always faithful. But as tough as he looked, he colored my stories of going out, boyfriends and casual spicy details that I let slip. My leg against his did the rest. A few hours later he was in bed with me. And he is still there at least once a week.”

“It started as a fairy tale. Extra exciting because it was so forbidden because of our age difference, and even more so because of the family bond. Now true love has emerged from that little fairy tale. Everything I’ve ever felt for my ex pales in comparison to what Nick means to me. In addition to good sex, we turn out to be very good at talking. It always was, but in each other’s arms came the deepening. He knows how to get through to me. Can give me direction in my studies and future plans. He shows genuine interest. And he finds the same listening ear in me that he no longer knew.

Due to a hectic family with three children, a slightly too high mortgage and a hard job, he is always under pressure. He also plays a role: The man who has it all under control. Only together can we truly be ourselves. It’s great, but the situation is a disaster. The first months we immersed ourselves in our crush and the crazy sex. That I was unfaithful to my aunt, I suppressed; I saw the Nick I found in my bed as someone completely different from my uncle.”

“Until the family parties came, when I saw him in his familiar role. His natural contact with his children, my nephew and my nieces, was difficult for me. And I feel guilty about my mother. My parents are divorced. I know my mother sees her sister and Nick’s marriage as ideal. She only needed to know that it is a hoax and that her own daughter is stirring it up.

At first I was most afraid that it would come true. So I avoided parties and birthdays. Nick is bolder: he just enjoys looking at me mischievously or looking for moments for us together. “They never suspect anything,” he says. He’s right, apparently our relationship is so far gone that we can sit next to each other on the couch all evening without anyone finding it suspicious. What I saw as something temporary can always last.”

“Nick is that to me. I’ve never felt anything like this. If he was single, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second. Then everyone could gossip about my old man, I’d show him off, move in, get married, anything. But he’s already married. And a divorce that he’s considering would not only destroy his family, but tear our family apart. It’s so complex it’s almost impossible to do.

He will wait to make a decision until his children have left home. Meanwhile, as a mistress, I wait for him to find time for me and watch him arrive at family parties with my aunt. At first I felt like the strongest, but I’m getting more and more jealous. Still, despite these feelings and uncertainty about our future, I am happy for Nick. I will not lose him, even if our love should be a secret forever.”

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