What is Move To Earn (M2E)? Complete guide for beginners

It seems that the money is high in crypto development. From free airdrops to earning money thanks to play-to-earn, but there is more. More and more crypto coins are being added and each has its own purpose. From complex DeFi protocols to various crypto games that are set to reshape this multi-billion dollar industry. But sometimes it doesn’t have to be such a heavy matter.

Experience the latest move-to-earn development. Health is important, even in the metaverse. And what could be better than promoting health with free money? Move nicely and get crypto for this. Discover all about moving to earn on this blog.

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Want more information about Stepn and how to get started with this move-to-earn game? Then watch the video below.

What is move to earn (M2E)?

Have you ever had a challenge with your colleagues or friends to take as many steps as possible in a certain period of time? The reward? A team outing not to know too much but it’s free so we’d like to. Everyone on your team gets a pedometer so you can go out together during your lunch. And in the evening also an hour’s walk, because those colleagues, you really don’t let them win, do you? Classic example of how competitive we humans are and how gamification works. But what’s better than winning a silly excursion? Money, exactly. Came with it!

Move-to-earn (M2E) is the development in crypto that allows you to receive free crypto when you move enough. Complete fitness goals, get x number of steps each day and compete against friends and family in a real fitness challenge. Work on your health and earn free crypto in a playful way. Life can be so beautiful! Although this M2E development is new to the crypto world, it has been around longer than we think.

Health problems

The world suffers from a large number of obese patients, with America leading the way in this unhealthy trend. Shamelessly burn a record number of calories and a few years later struggle with health problems that their health insurance barely covers. It seems obvious that we want to start living healthier, but a pandemic certainly hasn’t stimulated us to exercise more. And the gym? With high inflation, this is not possible for many people. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives. Now you no longer pay to live a healthy life, you are paid for this. Good life!


Are you standing aimlessly on a treadmill hoping to burn off all that excess fat? Boring. And the manufacturers of various game consoles know this too. The use of gamification stimulates the process. This is therefore used in almost all daily tasks. Do you have an iWatch and do you therefore train a little extra every day to reach your training goals? Challenge your network and go for the most calories burned. Ready Set Go.

And what about learning a new language? Consider, for example, DuoLingo, where you learns a new language in a playful way and can reach different levels. Get an update every day on how many levels your opponents have already completed. Are you competitive? Then you will probably do your best to catch up with him or her. But there are also numerous applications that stimulate physical activity.


Wii Sports

Chances are you’ve played tennis against a television screen or been to a bowling alley. Or were you the person who preferred to imitate all kinds of dances to score as many points as possible? No useless TikTok dances for as many views as possible, but score points to dominate the leaderboard! Now of course these sports are minimal and they will not solve the obesity problem, but it is better than sitting on the couch with a bag of chips. And still, by gaining points and completing levels, you as a player are extra motivated to continue. Will have to check what happens when you even get paid for it.

Pokémon GO

Are you from a later generation? Then you no doubt know Pokemon GO. Literally the whole world was on fire and everywhere you saw young and old alike obsessively looking at their phones in search of rare Pokemon. The chance of a Pokemon suddenly sitting next to you was small, so you had to go out into the street. Walking shoes or running shoes and an hour through the streets Catch pokemon. The more the better. For what purpose? Just be the best.

But while you were so busy with the game, you are working on your health. And we did a lot of it. With millions of users and a revenue of no less than 3 billion dollars in 2020, we all went hunting. And even though everyone thinks sports are boring, we fought for better health in a fun way with millions at the same time. It was so addictive for many that it was physically no longer a problem, another half hour. Okay, half an hour more, okay? Win-win situation. Thank goodness for Augmented Reality (AR).


AIA Vitality

The South African company AIA Vitality also saw the future of music in this technology. As a healthcare institution, physical health is central to them and they provide various tools to get everyone healthy. How? Of own launch a health program where members get points for their physical activity. These points can be exchanged for, among other things, shopping vouchers. And the real pushers can even do theirs reduce the insurance premium when they have enough points. The benefit to AIA Vitality itself? Healthier users in turn lead to fewer insurance claims. Smart thinking!

Blockchain games

Blockchain games seem to be popping up like mushrooms. From the popular DeFi Kingdoms to the new Evoverses game. It just shows how big the gaming industry is and how much money is involved. Move-to-earn is the next evolution where it rewards users for exercising enough. And these are received successfully. Let’s briefly discuss some protocols in this blog.


STEPN is a web3.0 fitness application built on Solana’s blockchain that pays you to walk or run. Yes, correct, no expensive fitness subscriptions but you who receive money to train. They even talk about a combination of SocialFi and GameFi. And it’s not just a game, the creators have a clear goal:

  1. They hope to reach millions of people this way motivation to live a healthier life. Investing in your health is not a goal for many people, money on the other hand is a motivation for many people to do things.
  2. This is an ideal way to introduce people to developments and opportunities for web3.0
  3. It is also good for climate change: Because users are encouraged to walk and/or run, they will use the car less, which is better for the environment.


Before you can make the road unsafe, you need good sneakers. STEPN has its own NFT marketplace with tons of sneakers. Each sneaker is a non-fungible token that you need in the game. Each sneaker NFT is unique and has different characteristics. You can choose hiking boots, running shoes or trainers. Each of these also has a different uniqueness: ranging from common to legendary. The advantage? The more unique your shoe, the more rewards you will receive. At the time of writing, you have the cheapest sneakers for – hold on – around 1200 dollars.

You will receive adequate instructions with each shoe. For example, in the example below you need to walk/walk between 4 to 10 km per hour to get rewards. With a simple interface like other running applications like Runkeeper, everyone is ready to go.


Genopets ($GENE)

Genopets is said to be the very first move-to-earn NFT game. Like Stepn, this is built on Solana’s blockchain. Do these animal NFTs look familiar? Not by chance. The team was inspired by the success of the popular Pokemon Go game. This in combination with the Tamagotchis from the 90s. Match made in heaven. Each Geopet is unique and is your own”nft spirit animal coded with your personality”.

At the start you will receive a short questionnaire where you can choose between 2 options. Based on these results, you get a unique Genopet. It’s not just a game, it’s you NFT evolves with you. Based on in-game decisions, just like you, your NFT changes. How does it work? Connect your app to Strava or Fitbit or other well-known tracking applications and get started. Connect fitness challenges and earn free crypto.

This can be a number of steps per day, but also walking in a certain area near you. You The replay also gets stronger, funnier and more unique as you gain more points. In the future, there may also be a connection with the Apple Watch. In addition to these challenges, you can challenge other Genopets owners to a mini-duel. The winner of this duel will again receive free crypto.

This game thus clearly combines the play-to-earn principle with the move-to-earn principle. One reinforces the other. If you do not participate in your daily fitness challenges, your Genopets will not evolve and become stronger in the game. Follow? You will have a harder time competing against other Genopets in the game. In this way, every user is motivated to also be physically active.

Connecting physical world and NFTs

Blockchain and crypto remain an abstraction for many. Complicated codes and blockchain layers? It is often difficult to understand something when we cannot see its applications. With the development of play-to-earn, the crypto world has welcomed many new users, especially players who see a new revenue model in these blockchain games. With With the advent of move-to-earn, we hope that people will now be massively motivated to move and work on their health. If money can’t motivate them, what can?

This also makes the boundary between the world of NFTs and the physical world very tangible. Where previously NFTs were worthless digital images that sometimes trade for millions of dollars these sneakers are now a valuable NFT with a very clear utility in the physical world. This can also remove a barrier to the unknown crypto world for newbies. We are increasingly seeing interfaces between the physical world and the world of NFTs. The best of both worlds.


Video games often have a negative connotation. Young people who waste their days are not very productive and, above all, have few ambitions. But to what extent is this picture correct? With the arrival and development of play-to-earn, this negative image has already changed. Gamers of blockchain games have a goal, namely earn as much money as possible. And players from low-wage countries? They see their future changing in the days when they earn a monthly salary by playing these games.

But more needs to be done. Global warming continues and more and more people struggle with health problems and obesity. We now know that crypto and blockchain are the future, so why not join forces? Thanks to the integration of play-to-earn and the use of gamification, the development of move-to-earn is another important step in the adoption of crypto. To move actively, work on your health and be richly rewarded for this. What a wonderful life!

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