Aniek works for the Danish kitchen supplier Kvik: ‘We do everything we can to make wishes come true’

A house of your own, a place under the sun. Your own place will be even more beautiful with a beautiful kitchen. For that, you have come to the right place at Kvik Enschede. They deliver high-quality Danish design at surprisingly low prices. The personal approach is paramount for the team. Good news: from January 2 to January 29 you have a 20% discount on your dream kitchen! So come visit soon.

The store in Enschede has now been open for more than a year: a milestone. It was a great year and the team is still eager to make your dream kitchen a reality. But how do they handle it?

Family business

Kvik Enschede is associated with the Danish brand with 40 years of kitchen experience. Still, the store doesn’t feel like a big business. The establishment is much more like a family business. The team is close and small. Aniek Haasewinkel has been working as a kitchen consultant at Kvik Enschede for almost a year now. “I like it so much that I decided to keep working here,” she explains.

From gap year to permanent job

Aniek had to work for Kvik for six months – a gap year. She has now worked for a year and a half with great pleasure in Kvik Enschede and has no plans to do anything else yet. Aniek: “When I started here, I really enjoyed myself straight away. The customer contact and the concept of Kvik immediately appealed to me. Plus, I think it’s a fun challenge to find the right design for someone. That’s why it’s fun to make. Guide the customer from A to Z and work together towards a great end result.

But what exactly is that challenge? “Each customer is unique and also has a different wish. It is challenging to be able to solve the right puzzle: to match the customer’s wishes with their budget,” explains Aniek. So many people, so many wants. Aniek knows what to do with it.

Step by step

Nothing is more pleasant than a beautiful kitchen, but certainly also a functional kitchen where you can lose your egg. Cooking for your family or preparing snacks for a cozy evening: you can do it all here. Even if you don’t like to cook, Kvik’s modern kitchens will make you a real chef.

What is Kvik’s approach to making your wishes come true? Aniek will be happy to tell you. “First of all, we welcome you with a cup of coffee or tea. After the introduction, I discuss the customer’s expectations and wishes. Then we look at the different designs and options together. Once this is clear, we start the 3D design of the dream kitchen together.

Drawing process

During the drawing process, you see your dream kitchen become a reality in a 3D image. Everything is included here, the design, choice of materials, equipment and sizes. “Almost anything is possible. In addition, the customer immediately sees the costs associated with the design. Kvik stands for transparent prices.”

Select Quick

Besides the personal approach in the store, there are many more reasons why you want to choose Kvik. One of these is the choice for Danish design: slim and minimalist. “We have many different designs. One is more rural, while the other is more modern. There really is something for everyone,” says Aniek. “In addition, we work with high-quality and sustainable materials. This applies to all our products.”

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A kitchen from Kvik | Photo: Kvik Enschede

Affordable kitchens

Something for every taste and that also applies to the prices. Kvik’s designs are luxurious but also affordable. “We are in the middle segment. We have a beautiful kitchen for every budget.” An affordable kitchen with a smart look, what more could you want?


Kvik is very committed to the environment. They work with sustainable products, such as recycled PET bottles and certified wood. In addition, Kvik is completely CO2-neutral. Fun fact: Transporting kitchens is also sustainable. Aniek: “The kitchens are transported in flat packs. As a result, no less than 26 complete kitchens fit in a truck. Every kitchen is fully assembled in our warehouse. It saves a lot of travel and CO2.” Lived!


Yes! More spacious kitchens with more storage, but how? “Our XXL kitchens have up to 40 percent more space than the industry standard. We work with different cabinet depths and a relatively low plinth for this.” So one thing is certain: you can store everything in a kitchen from Kvik.

you choose

If you go for a kitchen from Kvik, you are in control. You can have your Kvik kitchen assembled and installed by their own fitters. There are also other options: Get the kitchen as a set and do it all yourself for assembly and assembly or have the kitchen assembled by Kvik and assemble the kitchen yourself.

Kvik stands for quick

Hej is the Danish word for hello. Did you also know that Kvik means fast in Danish? Learned something again today. The name was chosen for a reason: the delivery time for the kitchens is also fast! It is about 10 weeks. So within three months you must cook a Danish meal in your own dream kitchen.

make a deal

Can a good intention also be a new Kvik kitchen? Yes of course! Therefore, make an appointment with Aniek or one of her colleagues via the renewed website. They take all the time to realize your dream kitchen together. This is how you start the new year extra well. Especially with the 20% discount! Check out their Instagram for more updates: kvik_enschede.

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