Ridderhof shopping center is under renovation

The plans are ready, the planning is complete, the financing is arranged. Nothing prevents the promoters from getting started with the renovation and renovation of the Ridderhof shopping center.

Why a renovation?

It has been known for some time that mall renovation is desirable and even necessary. 1970s design, fit-out and construction no longer meet the wants and needs of 21st century shoppers, nor do they meet today’s safety requirements. This also applies to the public space around the Ridderhof shopping centre.

Too little diversity in the range of shops, idleness and poor maintenance, but also messy entrances and a worn interior have led to the reduced number of visitors. The shooting in 2011 must of course also be mentioned. It was also commemorated this year, and after the renovation there will still be room to reflect on it.

More than a shopping mall

The renovation must provide an up-to-date and complete shopping center where more people come than before, not only to shop, but also to hang out, meet each other and get something to eat or drink. “One shopping center for the whole district, a place where you want to go, where you want to be,” says Riny Kouwer of Hoogvliet Beheer.

The parties involved

The owners’ association already spoke in 2018 for a thorough renovation. It had to be better, but could also be less. Michiel Postma from VVE says: “I’m glad that with 10 owners we think the same about the center and what we want with it.” Caspar Wortmann from Ovidius Ejendoms- og Arealudvikling carried out a feasibility study for VVE. “It was clear to me: Ridderhof shopping center deserves better.”

When Hoogvliet Beheer came into being in 2020, the collaboration became complete. Funding was arranged in 2021. In addition, at the end of 2021, the municipality agreed to address the public space – the car parks, squares and entrances to the shopping centre. And then there are the plans for a residential tower.

At the beginning of this year, the advertising and media agency Buro Toob was called in to investigate what significance the Ridderhof shopping center could have for residents of Alphen. More than 500 fully completed surveys provided the basis to remarket the shopping center and give it a positive color, to develop a brand identity with catchy keywords and a new logo.

“We started small,” says Michiel Postma. “We’ve taken up the gauntlet and come to true area development.”

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What will happen?

The four big tractors – Albert Heijn, Aldi, Hoogvliet and Action – are there and will stay. The fact that the supermarkets are investing in larger stores says something about their confidence in the renovation plans. Other shops have been or are being moved, and contacts have been made with new companies.

In late 2022, light demolition work began in the vacant section. The actual renovation will start in early 2023. The work will be carried out in stages. Ridderhof shopping center will remain open, although some shops may have to close their doors briefly in case of major construction. The local environment will be informed in good time.


The new Ridderhof shopping center will be more compact, exudes security, has clear entrances, has a direct connection to the car parks and the surrounding spaces, forms one open whole and is recognisable. “It’s going to happen! The big step will be taken during 2023,” says Caspar. “We hope that more people will find their way to the Ridderhof shopping center and be proud of it.”

If you look at the starting points of all parties, the thorough, unambiguous approach and the impression of the atmosphere, it will definitely happen.

remember the date

Do you want to know more about the renovation, the activities and the ideas for the public space? Visit the information market on Wednesday 11 January 2023 between 15:00 and 19:00. Location: shopping center Ridderhof. For more information, visit: www.winkelcentrumridderhof.nl

This article was previously published in the eleventh edition (December 2022) of Alphens.nl Magazine. Have you not received the magazine? You can pick up a copy at our office at Raadhuisstraat 211.

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