Getting through the Christmas holidays with the kids on a shoestring budget: five tips to beat boredom | Arnhem

The expensive month of December is coming to an end, while the Christmas holidays are still in full swing. How do you entertain the kids at home without spending even more money? Read five tips for one below budget safe public holidays.

Ice skating

The temperatures seem to hear more in the fall. To get in the winter mood, you can tie the skates underneath. For 5 euros per hour, the children can skate on the indoor rink in Duiven. Do they have their own skates? Then the trip costs only 3 euros. When presenting a Gelrepas, you only pay half.

Skating rink Duer © Theo Cook

Also in Doetinchem, the children can skate around the church to their heart’s content. An entry ticket here costs 7 euros. The skates are included and you can skate as long as you want. For 3 euros, the little ones can enter the field. For this amount you rent children’s skates and you have access to the track.

petting zoo

A petting zoo can be found in many places. Find the animals and go for a fun and educational afternoon in the great outdoors. Usually there is also a playground where they can use all their energy. At Horsterparken in Duiven, in addition to a children’s zoo, there is also a forest in which gnomes have hidden. There is free entry.

Children's farm Freriks in Winterswijk.
Children’s farm Freriks in Winterswijk. © Jan Ruland van den Brink

Other nice children’s zoos in the area are De Ahof children’s zoo in Aalten, Frerik’s children’s zoo in Winterswijk, Het Rosorum in Zevenaar and Kokiezer in Doetinchem, where you can now also hand in your Christmas trees so that the children can eat them. Entrance fees vary from free to a few euros.

Movie night

Where you can easily spend more than 30 euros with the whole family at the cinema, the home cinema is quite a bit cheaper.

Let the children make trays and entrance tickets, push the sofas aside and place mattresses in front of the TV. Find a good movie via a free trial subscription to a streaming service and let the fun begin.

Photo for illustration
Photo for illustration © Getty Images/iStockphoto

For a few euros you can get something delicious at home (or make yourself a mega bowl of popcorn), let the kids fill their homemade candy trays with it. Then they can plop down on the mattresses against showing their tickets, dim the lights and the movie night can begin.

Party night

An ideal activity for a rainy evening. Let the children invite some friends over and push the furniture up against the wall. Tonight it’s time for a party.

You can optionally give the children a glow stick on arrival, costs less than 1 euro. Fill some cups with lemonade and let’s dance!

photo for illustration
photo for illustration © ANP/EPA

To give the room a little more flair, you can paint cellophane paper in different colors. Place this over the bulbs (which don’t get hot) and you have cheap color lighting.

Playing sports

In Zevenaar municipality, there is plenty to do in the sports area during the Christmas holidays. For example, there are several sports sessions where children can get to know different sports for free.

Sports hall Spring morning
Sports hall Spring morning © Jan Ruland van den Brink

Some sports clubs also continue teaching in other municipalities. The chance to have your children follow a free trial class somewhere. This can be found on the websites of the relevant sports associations.

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