Philips TAG5106LE review – A futuristic gaming headset

Many people will probably know Philips from televisions, monitors, medical equipment and of course lamps. But the Dutch company will not be known to the general public for headphones. Still, the Philips SHP9500 and Fidelio X2HR have been hugely popular with audiophiles for a long time.

Philips now wants to conquer the audio market again with a new line of gaming headsets, but with a larger audience. And the first headphones in the range are the Philips TAG5106LE, which can be used wirelessly or with a cord.

Futuristic design

When you first take the Philips TAG5106LE out of the box, you will immediately notice the design. Many gaming headsets often use a slightly more exotic design to attract attention, but Philips has created headphones that look like they came straight out of Star Wars.

It’s a design that won’t please everyone, but we think it has something. While the gaming headset doesn’t seem particularly large, that changes quickly when you actually put it on. The Philips TAG5106LE is clearly present on top of your head.

The latter does not apply when we talk about comfort. The ear cushions have a soft foam in it, close around your ears. And for the headband, Philips has chosen a so-called suspended headband. The top of your head therefore does not come into contact with hard parts, and that is noticeable. We could wear the gaming headset for hours without discomfort. A big thumbs up for comfort!

Connect in multiple ways

As mentioned, the Philips TAG5106LE is a wireless gaming headset. You can choose between a Bluetooth 5.2 connection or a 2.4Ghz connection using the included dongle, with the latter providing the most stable connection and a battery life of 45 hours.

The connection itself is very easy. When you connect the USB dongle to your PC, you immediately receive a notification to the Philips Precision Center. You can adjust a number of things to your own taste via the software, such as spatial imaging. Or you can turn on the bluetooth switch on the headset itself to connect directly to your PC or console. A child can do the laundry.

In addition to the switch, you also have a number of other options within reach on the headphones. So you can use the microphone dumbadjust the volume, switch between the different colors and turn DTS Headphone X 2.0 on or off.

Sound all around you

DTS technology creates a simulated Surround Sound 7.1 effect that makes it seem as if sounds are coming at you from all sides. It is good to note first person shooter and other games where the position of the players is taken into account. In titles where this is not the case, we prefer to turn DTS off. But it is done quite simply with the push of a button.

Besides, the sound without DTS is definitely not bad either. Details are easy to hear and they imaging is also of high quality without the extra technology. It is definitely an advantage for console gamers because DTS can only be used on PC.

It is noteworthy that Philips has bet on a popular frequency responsewith a reinforced stall. In bombastic games, explosions that make your eardrums vibrate are certainly not wrong, but if you also want to listen to music with the Philips TAG5106LE, it is not suitable for all genres.

Communicate clearly

Of course, a gaming headset is not complete without a microphone. A futuristic design has also been chosen in this area, because the detachable microphone resembles a single piece of plastic. Fortunately, you can just bend it so that it sits well in front of the mouth.

And the microphone also does its job very well. We were easily understood by other people, even in a busy environment. The microphone is noise reducing, suppresses ambient noise. Of course there is a limit, but in normal situations the gaming headset ensures clear communication.

Philips TAG5106LE review – A successful first attempt

The Philips TAG5106LE is Philips’ first attempt at a gaming headset, but it was immediately successful. The design won’t please everyone, but it certainly makes for a pleasant experience.

The sound is of course the most important part and the headphones also score good points for that. The DTS technology can only be used on PC and stall if anything could be turned down for us. But we can forgive small mistakes.

Pluses and minuses

  • Very comfortable
  • Good sound quality
  • DTS technology
  • Clear microphone
  • Futuristic design…
  • …which not everyone will like
  • DTS does not work with consoles
  • The bass could have wanted a little less

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