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The coming year promises to be an eventful year, also in the technical field. What will be the most important technology trends in 2023?

ChatGPT (and LaMDA) replaced Google

The arrival of the artificial intelligence system ChatGPT hit like a bomb. You can ask questions to this system in natural language and you will get answers. One of the companies that will probably suffer the most from this is Google.

Because why would you look something up on Google if you can also ask the question directly to a super smart artificial intelligence in natural language? Fortunately for Google, the company also has its own artificial intelligence, LaMDA, which experts say is even better than ChatGPT.

Microsoft, one of the biggest investors in OpenAI (and therefore ChatGPT), also wants to link it to its own search engine Bing. So one of the expected breakthroughs in 2023 is artificial intelligence in the search field and a new competitive battle.

Other AI Technology Trends in 2023

Because machine learning is so powerful, we’re seeing artificial intelligence based on machine learning popping up everywhere. In recent years, it was primarily in the area of ​​big data, but now we as consumers are also starting to feel it a lot.

For example, the first students have already been caught using artificial intelligence to write papers. Not only education, but also other branches of sports are likely to notice a lot of improvements in artificial intelligence.

Consider, for example, clothing stores that search for matching clothes based on your body measurements. More and more office work and design work will also be taken over by AI. For us humans, there is still plenty to do. If we can work well with AI, we will be able to do much more than now.

Delivery drones and delivery robots

Unmanned delivery drones are already appearing in the first cities. We already wrote about food delivery robots in Miami, by 2023 they will appear in many more cities. Big companies like Amazon are also busy working on mass parcel delivery with drones. In some cities it has already happened, and in 2023 there will be many more. It is therefore quite possible that a Dutch or Belgian city is also chosen by, for example, Uber.

Breakthrough of Metaverse for virtual workplaces

Mark Zuckerberg’s plans to develop a metaverse are not making much progress yet, but futurists and analysts believe that Metaverse will be very attractive to companies as a virtual office. This combines the best of both worlds.

Thanks to the virtual office environment, you can easily consult with each other and the group feeling remains, while you no longer have to spend time traveling. Or an expensive office building. Not bad either, of course, in these tough economic times. A virtual Friday afternoon drink alone is of course less fun than drinking with colleagues.

Blockchain technology trends in 2023

While many cryptos have collapsed, the technology behind it, the blockchain, is still very much alive. The other phenomenon of 2022, NFT, will also play an increasingly important role behind the scenes.

Because digital deeds are very useful. From games to the notary. Web3, the decentralized Internet, is in theory almost infinitely scalable and therefore very useful. In practice, hackers seem to be able to paralyze a small blockchain, which happened with Solana, among others.

Digital twins as technological trends in 2023

With the collective term Digital Twins, futurists believe that there is a model in both the real and the virtual world, and that they can be transformed into each other. They form as it were twins, a copy in the real world, a copy in the virtual world.

With a 3D printer you can bring a model to life and conversely you can convert an existing object, animal or person into a digital model. As a consumer, you notice that there are more and more user-friendly gadgets. A workshop owner can also immediately see what is wrong with your car, or you can see this yourself with an app. One of the technological trends in 2023 to keep an eye on.

Groundbreaking sustainable energy

Europe is an energy-poor continent in terms of fossil fuels. In the past year we have been confronted with the facts. “Surge energy bills dominated the news. More and more people therefore want to take their energy supply into their own hands.

Solar panels and stoves must not be towed. This will continue for a while. Everything that has to do with insulation and energy saving in general will also be strongly in the picture.

Which we will not see in 2023, but soon after

Although the first flying car model, the Xpeng X2, was already seen in Dubai last October 2022, the Chinese manufacturer XPeng will not start large-scale production of the car until 2024. The expected selling price will be around €150,000, so this is a small saving .

Another breakthrough that we will see in the coming years is home robots. Tesla is now developing an affordable model between €10,000 and €20,000, and it is estimated that this model will be available in 2024.

In 2025, the first large-scale cultured meat will be on Dutch shelves. Dutch start-up Meatable is currently finalizing the production process and the factories where these cruelty-free cuts of meat will come from.

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