Utrecht 2022 in pictures: DUIC Annual Photographic Review

DUIC likes to make many and extensive photo series. We also show these a lot via the website, Instagram and the newspaper. It can be big news events, but also just beautiful pictures of Utrecht. Here is a selection from the year 2022. Photos taken by Robert Oosterbroek and Bas van Setten.

January 19

Various cultural institutions opened their doors in protest against the corona measures.

February 24th

Where there are people, there is waste. And where there is waste on the canals, there is the waste boat. We take a round.

March 9

When the war broke out in Ukraine, a huge flow of refugees started. Also in Utrecht, events were organized in all sorts of places where refugees could go, such as the Jaarbeurs.

March 16

We were allowed to vote again, and we did so less en masse than in previous years. 56.4 percent turned out and most votes went to GroenLinks.

March 30

It was very exciting for Mischa when he first arrived at his new school. Six weeks earlier, he went to classes in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. After the outbreak of war, he fled the country with his mother.

March 30

Two weeks after the election, the new city council could start work.

May 4th

Hundreds of people gathered on Domplein during Remembrance Day to remember the victims of the Second World War, war situations and subsequent peace operations. After two years, the audience could turn up again in large numbers on Wednesday.

14 May

All kinds of train enthusiasts took part in the last trips over the historic junction at Blauwkapel in Utrecht. The crossing was one of the last of its kind: two tracks crossing each other in a way that is unique in the railway world. However, there were also disadvantages.

21 May

The reconstruction of the City Crane on its way to its final destination at the Monica Bridge Utrechters closely followed the journey of the 30-tonne colossus.

June 3

Thousands of people came together to celebrate the start of Utrecht 900 years. The highlight of the start of the festivities was the appearance of Kensington and the town bell ringer Malgosia Fiebig from the Dom Tower.

June 13

At the City Office, a facade inspector got stuck in the external elevator. The emergency services moved out to free the man from his distress.

June 16

Young patients at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital received a special visit. The French horse is called Dr Peyo grazed in front of the entrance to the children’s hospital. The patients went outside to cuddle with the horse and forget for a moment that they are sick.

August 3

An electric vehicle ended up in the water in Tolsteegsingel. It was a company car from the municipality. The mountaineers were lucky, it was a tropical hot day.

August 19

The Vuelta started with a team time trial through the city. The sporting event was a real party in the city.

5th of September

The suspension bridge to the tallest mural in Utrecht, swaying in the wind, rose dozens of times. At forty meters the view was beautiful, but the painters did not want to suffer from a fear of heights.

September 11

The opening party for the single had been postponed for two years due to corona, but the event could finally take place this year.

October 7

These two campers are in a tent, but they are also in the hall at the Central Library. Dozens of children were allowed to spend the night in the book palace at Neude.

12 October

This mural by De Strakke Hand is beautiful, but was mainly in the news because something was missing. It was the nipples. Diakonessenhuis had two nipples removed in the design of a large mural being made at the hospital. It caused quite a bit of discussion.

October 27

One of the city’s main thoroughfares was closed. 30,000 cars drive on Marnixlaan every day, but they had to find another route. The road and intersections will be transformed into Westelijke Stadsboulevard, a project that will take several years to complete.

December 14

The matches of the Moroccan team at the World Cup in football caused the necessary joy, but also disturbances in Lombok. The police were fired upon several evenings with powerful fireworks.

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