Asda customers can get absolutely free vegetables after Christmas

Jumbo is having a hard time in Belgium
The Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo is having a hard time in Belgium: the group had to invest another 20 million euros in the loss-making branch. Analysts wonder how long the Dutch retailer will hold off on its Belgian plans. It is already the second time that the shareholders come to the rescue, reports the Belgian newspaper De Tijd: in November 2021, the Belgian branch already received € 25 million in support. Last financial year, the chain in Belgium suffered an operating loss of €5.5 million. at a turnover of
€ 108.5 million. Before the previous capital injection, the division had a negative equity of € 11 million.

Greek Veropoulos invests 15 million euros in the Serbian hypermarket
The Greek retail group Veropoulos has invested €15 million. in its largest store in the Balkans, located in the northern Serbian city of Novi Sad. The Super Vero range consists of more than 17,000 food and non-food SKUs, including approximately 600 Greek products, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, olives, olive oil, sweets, teas, natural cosmetics and Monoxilitis products from Mount Athos.

UK: Morrisons starts the year with price reductions for the Savers range
Morrisons is cutting 130 prices on its staples to help customers spend more during the January peak. Fresh products such as bacon, cooked chicken and cheese, which can be used to prepare hearty meals, have been reduced in price, as have fruit and vegetables, including apples, pears and potatoes. Morrisons’ entry-level range includes 263 products, 28 of which have been added in the past six months. This month, the range will continue to grow with the introduction of cherry tomatoes, easy-peel oranges, green beans and mixed peppers.

Adapta Robotics introduces the first retail robot on the Romanian market
Adapta Robotics, a company specialized in the design and production of non-industrial robots, recently launched ERIS, the first retail robot on the Romanian market, in collaboration with Carrefour Romania.

UK: Asda customers can get vegetables absolutely free after Christmas
Asda is offering customers free vegetables after Christmas in certain stores. The supermarket distributes bags of vegetables in selected supermarkets to prevent food waste. The new scheme has been brought into focus on social media by customers who have praised the new initiative. Asda customers can get a whole range of vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, potatoes and more.

Spain’s largest retailer Mercadona increases wages with inflation
Private supermarket chain Mercadona has approved pay rises for all its workers in Spain and Portugal, saying they will be in line with December’s official inflation rate. “The goal is to preserve the purchasing power of all the people who make up Mercadona, because they are the customers’ best asset,” the retailer, Spain’s biggest by sales and market share, said in a statement.

Holland: Picnic sees “no problem” in triple loss
Dutch online supermarket Picnic saw its losses triple in 2021, but co-founder Michiel Muller says growth remains the key requirement, even as other e-commerce players hit the brakes. Picnic ended 2021 with a loss of €114 million, almost three times as much as in 2020. Revenue increased by half to €719 million. It is already certain that the online supermarket will also remain below zero in 2022, but that’s it. not yet clear what the consequences of the purchasing power crisis and cost inflation will be in 2022.

Gruppo VéGé renews its partnership with Metro Italia
Northern Italian supermarket cooperative Gruppo Végé has expanded its existing partnership with wholesaler Metro Italia. According to the agreement, Gruppo VéGé will negotiate on behalf of Metro Italia with various product suppliers to obtain the best possible delivery conditions.

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