Alienware and Dell present new gaming laptops

Amsterdam, 4 January 2023 – Alienware and Dell introduce five new gaming laptops including: Alienware m18 and m16, Alienware x16 and Dell G16 and G15. The laptops have received updates in many areas such as form, materials, performance, design and comfort, as well as improvements to the Alienware Command Center. The definition of an excellent gaming experience is constantly changing. That’s why Alienware and Dell continue to evolve and differentiate themselves with meaningful, high-impact innovations that meet the evolving needs of gamers.

Alienware gaming laptops have traditionally focused on 15″ and 17″ screen sizes. That will change with the introduction of 16-inch and 18-inch screen sizes, in addition to the 14-inch model presented last year (CES 2022). This fundamental change is made possible through improvements to our Alienware Cryo-tech thermal solution. This allows larger screens to be used without making many changes to the design of each device.

In the new Alienware family of laptops, the following features are enabled to ensure smooth, expressive and entertaining gameplay and entertainment experiences:

  • Larger 16:10 screens provide more screen space and a larger field of view.
  • Dolby Atmos for impressive, spacious sound and Dolby Vision for stunning images. This way, you can immerse yourself even more in your favorite entertainment.
  • All panels feature ComfortView Plus, the hardware-based technology that filters blue light without affecting performance or image quality.
  • Higher resolution FHD webcam to improve the quality of video interactions.
  • New bottom-foot design creates airflow at the heart of the chassis to support overall system performance.
  • Element 31 thermal interface material has now been placed on both the CPU and GPU to ensure heat dissipation is optimized.
  • The updated Alienware Command Center 6.0 has been rebuilt for better stability, navigation between functions and better control over system performance.

Alienware m18 and m16
Alienware’s most powerful laptop is the m18, featuring a selection of the latest CPU and GPU technology. This includes up to 13th generation Intel Core i9-13980HX processors and the full stack of next-generation NVIDIA GeForce RTX notebook GPUs, plus next-generation AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon Graphics for mobile. All this performance is made possible by a number of Alienware Cryo technological advances.

The most notable thermal improvements on the new Alienware m18 are:

  • Element 31 thermal interface material is now used on both CPU and GPU.
  • Vapor chamber covers the GPU and CPU, increasing the thermal capacity by 35%.
  • Seven heat pipes (instead of four on the m17) to transfer thermal energy to larger copper fins (equivalent to an area increase of >114%).
  • Quad fans with ultra-thin fan blades that increase airflow by 25%.

For gamers looking for a more compact powerhouse, the m16 offers many of the same technologies, ergonomics, design qualities and experience benefits as the m18.

See the m18 fact sheet & spec sheet and the m16 fact sheet & spec sheet for more specifications.

Introducing the most luxurious Alienware to date: the Alienware x16

X Series laptops are designed for gamers who expect their Alienware laptop to complement their lifestyle in more ways than just gaming. They want a laptop that can take them anywhere and deliver the very best performance. To meet these needs, the design has been further revised. The X series brings many technological breakthroughs and also offers high-quality materials, finishes and features.

The new Alienware x16 is our first 16-inch gaming laptop since 2004 and the highest quality Alienware product to date. No more arguments about getting a 15-inch or 17-inch gaming laptop, the x16 is right in the middle. The new x16 promises more performance, a larger 16:10 screen and an improved six-speaker design. The new x16 surpasses the current x17 in almost every way and does so in a slimmer and more robust all-metal chassis.

See the x16 fact sheet and specification sheet for more specifications.

New Dell G series revealed

Dell’s new G16 and G15 gaming laptops are built on reliability and simplicity at an attractive price. A bold new design has been chosen for the G15 and G16, which are available in striking colours. Both models have the G-mode key, exclusive macro keys for gaming functions and variable sound keys for a better gaming experience. The G15 offers single-zone and four-zone RGB keyboard options with numpad, while the G16 offers single-zone RGB and Cherry MX keyboard options.

Looking under the hood, the G15 and G16 support graphics-intensive games consistently and with ease, even during marathon sessions, thanks to the latest Intel, AMD and NVIDIA technology. And for the first time, the G series features Alienware-inspired Vapor Chamber Cooling and the Element 31 thermal interface.

Both devices feature the newly improved Alienware Command Center for the ultimate in-player customization.

See the G16 fact sheet and the G15 fact sheet for more specifications.

Alienware Command Center

Along with all these new Alienware and G-series gaming laptops, the redesigned Alienware Command Center (AWCC) is also being launched. A quick refresh of the Alienware Command Center: The dashboard creates one centralized location where users can quickly access settings such as game-specific profiles and themes, lighting, macros, sound and overclocking – all essential to the gaming experience.

The redesigned AWCC has software updates and improvements over the previous version. It also has a completely new architecture with a new, intuitive and dynamic user design.

Prices and availability

Soon available in Europe

  • Alienware m18 – Launches on February 14th (with high-end configurations starting). Price $2,899 (US).
  • Alienware m16 – Launches on February 14th (with high-end configurations starting). Price $2,599 (US).
  • Alienware x16 – starting February 23rd (with high-end configurations starting). Price: $3,099 (US).

From 9 March 2023 in Europe

  • Dell G15 – from March 9. Price from $849 (US).
  • Dell G16 – from March 9. Price from $1,499 (US).

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