Togg unveils vision for future mobility at CES 2023, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show

Togg, Turkey’s global technology brand active in mobility, has released more information about its new digital platform, Trumore, at CES 2023. The brand also announced details of the sales strategy for its first electric intelligent unit, the C-SUV. The pre-order process for the C-SUV will be gamified for the first time in the world, starting in Turkey from the beginning of February 2023. The gamification process will be open to Trumore users, Togg’s digital platform that redefines the mobility experience and extends transportation from A to B.

In his keynote speech, Gürcan Karakaş CEO of Togg stated that from the very beginning the brand has been committed to “making more than just a car” and added:

We are redefining the mobility experience with Trumore
“When we started building more than just a car four years ago, we had two strategic goals. The first was to develop a globally competitive mobility technology brand whose intellectual property belongs to Togg. Our second goal was to create an open and accessible ecosystem around our intelligent devices and digital products, where the user is central. Over the past four years, we have progressed step by step in accordance with our plans. We are ready to launch our intelligent device in Turkey in the first quarter of 2023.

At the same time, we are expanding our mobility ecosystem with our digital platform, Trumore, where we are redefining the mobility experience by doing more than getting from A to B. With Trumore, we created a cloud-based, ready-to-use, on-demand infrastructure for using technology , which will soon be available to our users. We augmented this infrastructure with blockchain, and we designed the platform to work anywhere in the world and in any cloud.

We create value for our users with four different products: Earn.more, Go.more, Play.more and Scale.more. With Trumore, a platform that serves, drives, entertains and constantly evolves for users, we will provide an uninterrupted user experience by offering a personalized, user-centric, intelligent and empathetic experience with next-generation technologies such as fintech, insurtech, blockchain , IoT and artificial intelligence. As we develop our digital portfolio, we also want to introduce our users to the world of possibilities offered by the mobility ecosystem. To this end, we have decided to gamify our pre-order process.”

Deliver intelligent devices based on locations
Emphasizing that Trumore users will have the opportunity to participate in the challenge, Karakaş said: “We have designed a competition that we will launch on our Trumore digital platform. We will provide participants with fixed daily missions, one-time missions and weekly missions. In addition competition, we have prepared the special NFT Collection 2023, which serves to create technological value with our brand’s innovative vision. For example, we will auction NFTs. In addition to these two different mechanisms, we will introduce a drawing system for our smart devices, which we will launch in 2023.”

Togg’s stand at CES 2023 – ‘Digital Mobility Garden’
Togg presented the future of mobility with its “Digital Mobility Garden” at the world’s largest consumer electronics fair, held on 5-8 January in Las Vegas, USA. At CES 2023, concepts such as people and technology, art and science, head and heart came together in the Togg booth, which was designed by Togg Design Studio, interweaving nature and digital. Visitors to the ‘Digital Mobility Garden’ met a unique mobility experience, consisting of the Beyond X zones, the Trumore Experience, Clean Energy Solutions and Self.AI.

In addition to X
The Beyond X zone offers participants a personal experience. Visitors begin their journey in a tunnel and experience mobility in a sculpted and circular capsule, accompanied by visual art that challenges the imagination. Participants can live in one of four possible scenarios – Saturn, Jungle, Futuristic City and Artistic Turkey – in the music and world that suits them best. Beyond X activates the mind, soul, heart and all senses with an extraordinary digital experience.

Trumore Experience
In Trumore Experience, artificial intelligence understands users’ needs and plans daily routines, acts as an assistant and makes life easier with personalized experiences.

Clean energy solutions
In the Clean Energy Solutions zone, it is possible to charge mobile devices on the one hand and to shape the future on the other by directing clean energy. Here, visitors are introduced to a completely new approach to energy exchange, which is about emotions.

Even AI
Digital twins of visitors are created in the Self.AI zone. Visitors can dance and interact with their digital twins and take them with them by uploading them to their mobile devices.

– End –

About Trains
Togg is the USECASE Mobility® global brand whose intellectual property rights belong to Turkey and which will compete globally. Togg was established on June 25, 2018 and continues its activities by joining Anadolu Grubu Holding A.Ş., BMC Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş., Zorlu Holding A.Ş. and the Union of Chambers and Scholarships of Turkey.

The company develops new technologies, services, user experiences and new business models within the ecosystem it has created around intelligent and connected cars. After the completion of homologation tests, Togg will launch its first C-segment smart device, an SUV, in the first quarter of 2023. The sedan and CX Coupé models in the C-segment will then enter the production chain. In the following years, with the addition of the B-SUV and C-MPV to the family, the product range consisting of 5 models sharing the same DNA will be complete. Togg aims to produce five different models and a total of one million vehicles by 2030 using a common platform.

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