5 New Cryptos to Start 2023 Right

The article below is a submission and falls outside the responsibility of Crypto Insider. This is not financial advice and our analysts are not financial advisors. Investment involves risks. Always consult an advisor when making financial decisions. The information and tips on this website are for educational purposes only.

Many traders want to start 2023 with a clean slate in terms of cryptocurrency after the big problems in 2022. Therefore, traders are looking for new investments that can correct their portfolio in the coming year.

In this article, we look at the 5 cryptos to buy in 2023 so you can start the year with a positive balance. Below you can read more about the current possible choices, so you can decide for yourself in which currency you see the most potential.

5 cryptocurrencies for 2023

Such a top 5 is fine, but before you invest you must of course know what the projects are about. In this way, you can decide for yourself which cryptocurrency you expect the most from and which are the best to invest in.

1. Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out was launched a few weeks ago and is therefore only available in one pre-sale. It gives you as an investor the opportunity to be one of the first to step in and thus make the most of all possible price increases.

It is a new Move-to-Earn project where you can receive crypto when you move. Where previous projects such as STEPN focused on pedometers, Fight Out is about fitness.

They want to bring the fitness world together with new possibilities that web 3.0 offers by offering an app with your own NFT avatar. That character gets stronger the more you train.

Fight Out aims to open gyms that are fully equipped for the capabilities of the Fight Out app. In that app, for example, you can also buy personal training or training videos.

You do this by paying with the REPS token, and this is the token you also earn when you train. In addition to REPS, Fight Out also has the FGHT token and you can already buy that token in the presale.

You do this via the project’s website itself, where you connect a wallet that is connected Ethereum blockchain works and you then exchange Ethereum or USDT for the new tokens from that wallet.

2. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is another project that is still in one pre-sale is available, but unlike Fight Out, this presale is almost over. The project has already raised more than $11 million and recently decided to launch ahead of schedule.

At the same time, the project also announced that it will list the token on a central exchange on January 11. The pre-sale is stopped five days before, so you only have a short time to invest in the project.

Dash 2 Trade then comes with a crypto dashboard, a place where you can find all the information about cryptocurrency. In addition to information, the platform also has some useful tools, which compare it to Bloomberg Terminal, which many stock traders use.

An important part of the platform will be the presale dashboard, where you can find all new presales. These pre-sales are given a ‘Dash score’ which gives you direct insight into the potential of the crypto pre-sale.

The overview and this score is unique on the market and will save you a lot of time. You no longer need to do your own research in all these cryptocurrencies, but you can already make a distinction based on the scores of Dash 2 Trade.

You can start using Dash 2 Trade tokens to access the dashboard and take out a paid subscription. Up to $2.3 million worth of tokens can currently be sold in this presale.

3. C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charging has been available for a week and could be a big opportunity in the market for 2023. The project is still in its infancy, but has big plans to revolutionize the market for charging stations for electric cars.

The sustainable crypto coin wants to develop a new universal payment system for that market so that there is finally pluriformity in this still fragmented market. In addition, many more charging stations will be needed in the coming years to meet demand.

If you want to use C+Charge as a payment method at a charging station, you pay with CCHG tokens. In addition, you get CO2 credits for charging, something that is not offered to private individuals in this way elsewhere.

The C+Charge pre-sale consists of four different phases, with the price increasing after each phase. For example, you currently pay $0.013 per token, but it has already risen to $0.0235 in the fourth phase. Presale investors therefore see the value of their investment increase during the presale.

In total, C+Charge wants to raise $6.6 million to continue work on the payment system. Of the 1 billion CCHG tokens, 400 million will be sold in the presale.

4. Calvary (RIA)

Calvaria is a new Play-to-Earn crypto coming soon with an online card game where tactics play an important role. In the game, you have to play the right characters and attack with a set of cards against other players to win.

The deck of cards is NFTs that you can collect and buy and sell in the marketplace in Calvaria. This is one of the ways to earn on Calvaria, the other is by winning the duels against other players.

Calvaria has improved a few things over competitors from the Play-to-Earn crypto sector. This way you can also play it without having a crypto wallet or cryptocurrency.

Calvaria has done this so that even more casual players can familiarize themselves with the game and maybe play it with crypto later.

In addition, Calvaria has a history of keeping players longer, something that many other crypto games have not been able to do.

The RIA token is used for all transactions in the project and is still available in a presale for a while. Currently, the presale is in its final phase and there are still about 15 million tokens available.


IMPT is the only cryptocurrency that is already available on exchanges and is no longer in a pre-sale phase. The coin has been available for a while, and has been working behind the scenes to roll out their platform and close collaborations.

For those reasons, IMPT seems like an excellent crypto to buy in 2023. The beginning of 2023 shows why IMPT’s mission is so important anyway. Once again, heat records are being broken worldwide, and many ski slopes have to close their doors due to a lack of snow. This is probably due to climate change.

And that’s what IMPT wants to do something about. IMPT is a green cryptocurrency that not only works very economically itself, but also works hard to improve the world. For example, it records carbon credits as NFTs on the blockchain, a form of credit that can be used to offset one’s own carbon footprint.

In addition, thousands of brands have already joined the IMPT platform for consumers. This platform works by donating a portion of the seller’s sales to a good climate or environmental cause that is carefully selected and selected for impact by the IMPT team. In this way, it helps consumers and producers do their part.

The above article is a submission and falls outside the responsibility of Crypto Insider. This is not financial advice and our analysts are not financial advisors. Investment involves risks. Always consult an advisor when making financial decisions. The information and tips on this website are for educational purposes only.

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