5 Small Presale Cryptos With Potential in 2023

The article below is a submission and falls outside the responsibility of Crypto Insider. This is not financial advice and our analysts are not financial advisors. Investment involves risks. Always consult an advisor when making financial decisions. The information and tips on this website are for educational purposes only.

It’s every crypto trader’s dream; find a small crypto with the potential to explode and invest in it in time. Often these are completely new crypto projects that are not yet known to the general public, for example because they are still in a pre-sale.

In this article you can read all 5 cryptos that they say have the potential to rise in 2023. We chose presales because these are precisely the coins that are currently the least vulnerable.

Cryptocurrencies have a stable price in a presale because they cannot be sold yet. Only after a pre-sale ends and the initial IPO takes place can investors sell the coin and supply and demand occurs.

Below you will find more information about 5 small cryptos with potential so you can make your own choice. See which coins appeal to you the most, then go straight to the page where you can buy the coin or do some additional research yourself first.

1. Fight Out (FGHT) – Move to earn crypto

fight out is currently a cryptocurrency available for pre-sale. It is developing an app that brings Move-to-Earn to the fitness world and has integrated all kinds of Web 3.0 applications.

It will be an app, cryptocurrency and online platform as well as its own fitness chain. They want to open Fight Out Gyms that are fully adapted to all possibilities, like blockchain and their own Web3offer app.

The most important thing about the platform is the Move-to-Earn aspect, which allows you to earn money by doing workouts. You get paid for this in REPS, tokens that you can use to unlock new workouts, buy in personal workouts, or buy Fight Out merchandise.

In addition to REPS, there is also the FGHT token, and this is the token that is currently available in a presale.

You can currently buy the FGHT token for $0.0166, but the price will drop over time pre-sale still going up. The first milestone that Fight Out has set is $5 million, if achieved, Fight Out can open a first gym and continue the development of the application.

The more money raised, the faster the Fight Out roadmap can be fully developed. In total, there are 6 billion Fight Out tokens available, but if everyone claims the bonus it will go up to 9 billion tokens.

2. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Crypto Dashboard

The next suitable small crypto with potential is Dash 2 Trading, a coin that has been available in pre-sale for much longer. For example, the pre-sale has already raised more than 11 million dollars and is about to be listed on a stock exchange.

If you still want to benefit from the advantageous pre-sale price, you must be there on time. On January 11, the token will come online at exchange and five days before that the pre-sale ends regardless of how much has been collected.

In the last few days you can still participate in the Dash 2 Trade presale, you will pay $0.0533 per trade. token.

Dash 2 Trade is developing a new platform that has often been described as the ‘Bloomberg Terminal for Crypto’. Bloomberg Terminal is a software package that stock traders use to make market decisions.

Like Bloomberg, Dash 2 Trade gives you all the tools you need to make more profitable trades. In addition, Dash 2 Trade also has a strategy builder, risk profiles and overview of all new crypto pre-sales.

The latter overview contains a ‘Dash Score’ for each presale, with which you can immediately see which presales have potential according to the analyzes of Dash 2 Trade.

3. C+Charge (CCHG) – Earn carbon credits by charging your car

Third is there C+Charging, a brand new crypto pre-sale that aims to revolutionize the world of electric car charging stations. It will do this by offering a new payment system that will become the universal system for charging stations.

Currently, there are charging stations of all sorts of different brands all over the world that have their own payment system. In addition, the prices per charging station are also different, while you only see this after charging.

Especially in the current era of rising energy prices, C + Charge can be a solution to this with their app. Any charging station must be able to accept C+Charge so that you can charge your electric car with the new CCHG tokens.

The pre-sale of C+Charge has only just started, so you can still participate in the very first phase of pre-sale. This has the advantage that you can invest in the token at the lowest possible price.

4. Calvaria (RIA) – Tactical game to earn decks

This new Play-to-Earn deck isn’t out yet, but like its predecessors on this list, the coin is already available in a presale. Calvary: Duels of Eternity will be a card game that runs entirely on blockchain technology, so all cards are NFTs.

Each player in Calvaria collects their own deck NFT cards and can then compete against other players. The NFT cards are available in-game, but can also be traded in the Calvaria marketplace.

In that marketplace, you pay with RIA tokens, and those are also the tokens that are now available in the presale. You have to be quick, because the pre-sale is already almost sold out.

Currently, there are still about 15 million tokens available out of a total of 150 million available tokens. The presale is in its final phase and has already raised more than $2.5 million.

Usually, after a presale, the coin becomes available on an exchange quite quickly. These IPOs for Calvaria will follow in the first month of 2023, when it will be placed with BKex.

5. IMPT – Sustainable Cryptocurrency with thousands of partners

Another small crypto with great potential is IMPT, a coin that has recently become available on the exchange LBank. IMPT just completed a very successful pre-sale with a profit of over $15 million.

With IMPT you can via blockchain technology to combat the climate crisis. This can be done in several ways, but the easiest way is to buy carbon credits with your IMPT tokens.

IMPT has put these carbon credits on the blockchain, making them available as tokens and tradable. You can also burn the carbon credits by sending them to an unreachable crypto wallet.

Burning carbon credits destroys them, as it were, because no one can ever reach them again. It also means that the ton of CO2 to which the CO2 credit entitles does not end up in the atmosphere, so you have done something good for the climate in a direct way.

But your own wallet, will it get better too? It is possible, because every time you destroy a CO2 credit, you will instead receive an IMPT NFT, which can also be traded on the IMPT marketplace.

Do you think IMPT has a great future? Tokens are now freely tradable via the LBank exchange, and more exchanges will no doubt follow.

The above article is a submission and falls outside the responsibility of Crypto Insider. This is not financial advice and our analysts are not financial advisors. Investment involves risks. Always consult an advisor when making financial decisions. The information and tips on this website are for educational purposes only.

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