This crypto project expects to transform the fitness industry

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The new crypto project, Fight Out, expects to transform the fitness industry with its impressive plans to develop an innovative and professional move-to-earn app and build Web3 gyms around the world.

The project launched its pre-sale last month and has already raised nearly $3 million – largely due to the project’s ambitious future plans, but also because early investors can take advantage of additional benefits.

This way you will get up to 50% extra tokens when you buy the token now and the token will be 100% more expensive at the end of the presale.

What is Fight Out?

Fight Out is a new move to earn (M2E) project that allows users to earn crypto to complete workouts at home or at the gym.

Fight Out’s app uses intelligent technology to track exercise, training, sleep and nutrition to help the user build their own digital fitness avatar and create personalized workouts.

Fight Out (FGHT) mobile app

The training will be supported by high-quality video tutorials, so Fight Out focuses not only on strength and conditioning, but also on physical and mental health.

The avatar is available as a personal NFT in the metaverse – you can’t sell or trade it – and you can completely customize the avatar to your liking. When you complete workouts, you are rewarded with REPS, an off-chain token that can be used for gym discounts and app subscriptions, as well as personal training sessions, supplements, sports equipment, merchandise and digital items for your avatar.

You can also earn REPS by competing against other players in daily, weekly and monthly challenges.

In addition to this innovative app, Fight Out will also build gyms and equip them with Web3 capabilities to act as a community hub.

Fight Out (FGHT) NFT avatar

The team is already looking for locations for the gyms where it will use Web3 features such as ‘mirrors’ where you can see your own avatar and track your movements to earn REPS.

The team has also entered into several partnerships with four world-renowned boxers and athletes who will serve as ambassadors for the project. They will help Fight Out’s growth, as well as create exclusive content for users, such as training plans and a behind-the-scenes look.

Including the former world champion, Savannah Marshall, is likely to make a rematch with Claressa Shields from the most watched women’s boxing match. But also number 2 best UFC flyweight Taila Santos, number 9 strawweight, Amanda Ribas and the American Ninja Warrior, Tremayne Dortch, also participate in the project.

More info on the FGHT Token Presale

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, investors are very excited about the presale and the tokens are selling very quickly.

Interested investors should act quickly before the first phase sells out and the price per token will double from $0.0166 to $0.0333. Due to this significant price increase and the promising project, the FGHT token is one of the best cryptos to buy right now.

FGHT bonus tokens

Investors who invest in Phase 1 will receive up to 50% extra tokens, based on how much FGHT you buy and the waiting period you choose.

How to get 50% extra tokens when you buy tokens for at least $50,000 and lock them for 24 months. With such a large investment, you would get 4.5 million FGHT tokens instead of 1.5 million tokens in the second phase of the presale.

The Fight Out team is fully KYC verified by CoinSniper and has extensive experience in martial arts, gym management and app development.

The smart contract of the FGHT token is fully managed by Certik.

Currently, Fight Out is holding a giveaway of $250,000 worth of FGHT tokens. Investors can win multiple times by completing various social media tasks – to participate, you must have at least $250 in FGHT tokens during the draw.

The project has a maximum supply of 10 billion FGHT tokens, of which 60% is available during the pre-sale, 30% for bonuses and rewards, and 10% for liquidity and exchange. Of the money collected in the pre-sale, 70% goes to the acquisition of the gym, 18% to marketing and partners and 12% to development.

Fight Out Memberships

Fight Out offers 4 different levels of membership – challenger, champion, world champion and undisputed champion – with additional benefits such as a 24-month subscription and extra REPS tokens, as well as exclusive merchandise.

If you’re interested, read the Fight Out whitepaper or join the project’s Telegram group for the latest news.

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