Earn passive income with Copy Trading

What is copywriting?

Copy trading refers to trading where investors follow other investors (commonly known as professional traders/experts) to take the same positions in the futures market as the experts they copy.

One-Click Copy Trade is Bitget’s flagship product. It is a special trading program that allows anyone to start trading immediately. Users without experience or time to actively trade allow the system to copy the orders placed for them by expert traders, hence the name copyers. Also, a verifiable list of orders may well reveal the professional trading strategy that can be followed and adjusted to a person’s risk appetite; this is why copiers are usually referred to as followers.

The benefits for followers

Followers are allowed to trade without prior knowledge and expertise and create their strategy by following the verified performance of professional traders while managing their trades wisely. Followers can follow multiple expert traders at the same time for maximum profit and can adjust their strategy at any time at the same time.

After tracking, they can automatically copy the trader’s opening and closing actions without keeping an eye on market conditions and price points. All they have to do is follow the best strategies in the industry to easily reap high profits.

The benefits for traders

On the other hand, expert traders can generate new streams of passive income that can equal as much as 10% of their followers’ earnings, along with exclusive programs and bonuses. Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity for experts to increase their public exposure by becoming an influential voice for the crypto community.

To date, Bitget is the world’s largest cryptocopy trading platform and Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade has more than 100,000 professional traders, more than 1 million followers and completed more than 50 million trades in total.

The rise of social commerce

Bitget has also announced the launch of ‘Bitget Insights’. This feature serves to integrate social media with social commerce through the Bitget Exchange. The launch marks the next phase in Bitget’s crypto trading initiative, which aims to benefit both new retail investors and experienced traders.

Bitget Insights allows new traders to gather insights from experienced traders. Compared to existing social media platforms, Bitget guarantees that all insights shared in the first phase come from verified and trustworthy traders, saving new traders time, resources and potential losses due to cryptocurrency “shillings”, fake endorsements or other crypto- fraud.

Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget, says: “Innovative trading products and social trading services are the typical and most important features of Bitget. Bitget is a pioneer in social crypto trading thanks to the way it improves products through innovation. On ‘Bitget Insights’, the social trading platform where valuable information is more accessible to everyone, the curated and verified traders and selected opinion leaders can post their chart analysis, technical strategies and articles to share their insights with followers.

New to copywriting? We’ve put together some guides to clear up the beginner confusion about the easy-to-use Bitget One-Click Copy Trade: Guidelines and Tips for Choosing Traders

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