Excursions in Groningen and Drenthe: five tips

Come tinker with Tom Poes and Bommel, go back to ’83 or join the Glühwein tour.

The fear of being alone

After Glue where Lander Severins and Myrthe van Velden analyzed their symbiotic love for the bone, is now there fry. The relationship did not last, the duo Grof Geschud did. At least for now.

You witness a hilarious and touching attempt by these ex-lovers to free themselves from the crushing fear of abandonment. An experiment that gets a thousand images in stories, numbers and scenes. Imagination as the last lifeline.

A small impression of the show: A gate at Zaventem airport, where a man (De Lander) waited expectantly with a sign and a rose for his great love, or at least the picture of his great love (De Myrthe), after six weeks of be separated from her and saw in a moment that her rejection was final. The woman’s newly autonomous heart broke at the sight of all the man’s pain, and so she stayed with him for another 732 days with a gash in her chest. A story about a relationship on the rocks. And about an adopted dog that neither of them wants to part with.

The performance can also be seen on Thursday Meenthe in Steenwijk.

Groningen – SPOT/De Oosterpoort, Wednesday at 20.15, 19.50 euros

New Year in Eastern Europe

Orchestra Phion celebrates this season New Year in Eastern Europe , with a wealth of melodies and compositions that reach from the Baltic Sea to deep in the Balkans. Festive music where you sing and dance into the new year.

Music, sometimes classical, sometimes from the heart of the people, sometimes a fascinating cross-fertilization between folk and classical music. That’s how Dvorák let himself be Slavic dances inspired by bohemian furians, polkas and dumkas. Liszt is purely Hungarian in his famous Second Rhapsody , and the dances that Kodály brought from his hometown of Galanta are a mixture of Czech and Hungarian folk tunes. Phion has invited Henrik Schaefer to this concert. As jury chairman for Maestro he has enjoyed guiding and judging famous Dutchmen on their first appearance on the goat.

Hoogeveen – The Drummer, Thu 20.00, 29.50 euros

Crafts with Bommel and Tom Poes

Bommel and the Tom Poes museum want to introduce children to Tom Poes and his friends who used to conquer children’s hearts. Every Wednesday afternoon, the museum organizes a Afternoon of leisure and reading.

Amidst the cartoon characters, the children actively engage with the cartoon heroes by making a diorama, coloring, modeling and so on. The craft alternates with reading aloud. Afterwards, the children can buy a cartoon with Tom Poes stories from Donald Duck, which have been retold in contemporary language.

Assen – Bommel and Tom Poe’s Museum, every Wed 14-16, free

The Glühwein Hike

Fancy a fun outing and could use some exercise? sign up now Mulled wine trip. You pass catering companies in Groningen while enjoying mulled wine with a snack. Along the way you can enjoy Groningen culture and fun activities.

Glühwein is an alcoholic drink that is mainly drunk in central Europe in the period just before Christmas. To make mulled wine, red or white wine is heated with cinnamon, cloves, star anise and citrus peel and optionally sweetened with sugar or honey. The drink is then drunk warm. The drink must not boil during preparation, because then the alcohol evaporates.

Groningen – ‘t Gat van Groningen, every Friday until February 10

Come back to ’83

In the second edition of A love letter to… you go back forty years, to 1983. The year of the Heineken kidnapping, the first Dutch test-tube baby, and Return of the Jedi. In The Hague, more than half a million people demonstrate against De Bom.

We were introduced to the CD and David Bowie, The Police and Michael Jackson led the charts. Leo Blokhuis takes you back to ’83 in this musical theater lecture. What did the world look like? And what do we see and hear about it now? Expect an evening full of world news, personal stories and above all, lots of music. Wednesday 18 January also exhibited in Geert Teis in Stadskanaal.

Emmen – ATLAS Theatre, Thursday at 20, 27.50 euros

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