From anniversary event to anniversary campaign

Relationship marketing events come in shapes and sizes. The most obvious example is perhaps the anniversary. After all, every company, brand or organization celebrates its anniversary periodically. In addition, the anniversary event is a good time to build relationships and strengthen the bond. But what if the anniversary event isn’t a moment, not even an event track, but a full campaign?

Conclusion chose the latter at the 25th anniversary event for the organization, to which 26 companies are affiliated, and which operates at the crossroads between business transformation and IT services. A complete anniversary campaign was set up on the basis of D&B Eventmarketing’s experts in relationship marketing.

“Some companies have been members of Conclusion since its foundation, others only for a few years. Conclusion protects and promotes diversity in the member companies, because that is exactly how they have made a difference for a quarter of a century. Making their slogan ‘business done differently’ yet more to experience more, to convince relations about this approach and to connect the ecosystem, the anniversary year is about getting to know the companies and colleagues better. D&B Eventmarketing developed an anniversary campaign with two events to achieve this goal.”

“In a house with 26 different residents, a common room is very important. You can connect there, get to know each other and exchange ideas or connections”, was the basis for the anniversary campaign. “Valuable, because the better you know what you have to offer, the more powerful your story is to the outside world. That’s why we developed the ‘Discover our Difference’ concept for the anniversary and created two events: an anniversary edition of ConclusiON for the relationships and a colorful staff party Colors of Conclusion”, says the relationship event experts within D&B Eventmarketing.

Under the subtitle ‘Re-thinking your Future’, Conclusion’s relationships went on a journey of discovery through the jungle of the digital world during the relationship event, so they could once again see the forest for the trees. Via target group-specific routes, so-called tracks, guests at Soesterberg Air Base learned from top brands such as WWF and KLM how to guarantee quality and continuity, and how to set a distinctive and sustainable course. The comparison between the Conclusion community and an ecosystem in the wild was a nice eye-opener; the only way to change the mindset and deal with change. The relationship event was rated 8.4 and generated valuable leads. Later this year the ‘Colors of Conclusion’ staff event will take place in Sugar City. There, colleagues can get to know each other better, and we encourage them to discover similarities in all differences.

From anniversary event to campaign
In addition to the events produced by D&B Event Marketing, Conclusion also organizes a number of meetings and activities themselves. For example, employees can take courses at The School of Life, Conclusion On Stage took place in June, which is a Vuelta edition of the Tour de Conclusion, and employees can get drinks at a different Conclusion company every month. These events and even the employment communication are in line with the communication message and advice provided by D&B Eventmarketing, so that a strong message is communicated through various channels throughout the year. A 0 measurement was taken during the kick-off in February, and at the end of the year a 1 measurement determines the success of the campaign. With intermediate evaluations, we ensure that the optimal process is followed.

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