Looking forward to the Commission meetings on 16 and 19 January 2023

At a committee meeting, residents are allowed to express their opinion on an item on the agenda to the council members. This can be done with a video of up to 5 minutes, letter or email. Residents can register for this at griffie@heerenveen.nl or (0513) 617 700 until 8 December 2022 at the latest. 18.00.

At the committee meeting, council proposals are considered by the council committee. The council then decides on the council proposals at the council meeting.

Board meetings, agendas and documents are available www.heerenveen.nl/meeting-watching

16 January at 19.30 | The SAZA Commission | the council chamber

Process proposals for the participation of young people in local youth agreements

With this process proposal, the council asks the municipal council for a proposal for a possible outcome in the form of a citizen consultation with young people’s participation in the local youth agreement.

Work is currently underway on the local youth agreement with the aim of providing support and care to young people that will also be possible and affordable in the future. Involving the young people themselves in this discussion is in line with the starting point in the city council’s agenda 2022-2026 and with the previous decision on the participation of young people.

Update Thialf

The committee receives an update on Thialf. Explanatory questions can be asked.

Correspondence group Kompenije 2.0 about MFG De Kompenije in Jubbega

On 29 November 2022, the council received a council letter on developments in MFG de Kompenije. A reply from Werkgroep Kompenije 2.0 followed on 1 December. At the request of Councilor A. Hartsuiker, this letter has been placed on the agenda of this committee.

19 January at 19.30 | Committee AZ | the council chamber

Draft framework letter 2024-2027 Safety Region Fryslân

The Commission proposes to the Council not to issue an opinion on the draft framework letter 2024-2027 for the Security Region on the condition that scenario 3 ‘limit the price development to 8% for the time being and evaluate afterwards’ is further elaborated.

The framework letter is an annually recurring document which describes which developments, both political and independent, may affect the budget for 2024 and beyond for the Fryslân Security Region. The joint regulations prescribe that the municipal councils can comment on the framework letter.

Multi-year planning 2023 and budget 2023

The process for drawing up the council’s agenda and the disposition agreement in a multi-year planning and in the P&C cycle is submitted to the council.

In recent years, the council has assigned various tasks to the executive board. One task is to prepare a multi-year plan with a detailed agenda and outline agreement with the aim of arriving at an overall assessment of goals and resources for the upcoming city council term. Another task is to improve the 2024 budget in conjunction with improving the P&C cycle.

Membership of Coöperatie Data Fryslân

The council wishes to participate in Coöperatie Data Fryslân. The city council is requested to share wishes and reservations regarding membership with the main board.

Coöperatie Data Fryslân can help the organization further in data-driven work. Data analysis is becoming increasingly important in order to make good policy. Based on data, you get an idea about the size of a problem or about the consequences of a certain measure. Because municipalities often face the same social challenges, it is useful to organize the analysis of data regionally. Data Fryslân does this by bringing together parties that strengthen each other in the realization of Frisian social challenges, in a future driven by data and new technology.

Regulation of the Non-Disclosure Committee and reduction of the Non-Disclosure Committee

The city council is proposed to adopt the executive order on the confidentiality committee and to set up the confidentiality committee that prepares the recommendation for the appointment of the new mayor.

Mayor van der Zwan has announced that he will step down on 1 October 2023. This means that a vacancy will occur and preparations must be made to appoint a new mayor. The appointment procedure starts with the adoption of a regulation and the establishment and composition of a confidential committee.

19 January at 20.30 | The ROM Committee | the council chamber

Area plan Schoterlandseweg 85-93 in Hoornsterzwaag

The council is asked to agree to the response to the opinion and adopt the zoning plan for Schoterlandseweg 85-93.

The initiator wants to convert the agricultural use of the plots Schoterlandseweg 85 and 93 in Hoornsterzwaag into housing. Two farmhouses are to be converted into civilian housing. In addition, the option to add an extra house using the province’s room-for-room scheme is desired.

In the city council’s letter of 13 July 2022, the council was informed that the draft zoning plan has been submitted for inspection. The inspection phase is now complete.

After approval by the council, interested parties have the opportunity to lodge a complaint with the State Council’s administrative law department six weeks after the council’s decision has been presented for inspection.

Declaration of no objections Marktweg 46/46A Oudeschoot

The Council is requested to issue a draft Notice of No Objection for Marktweg 46/46A in Oudeschoot.

The applicant wants to demolish the barn behind the house on the Marktweg 46/46A lot in Oudeschoot and build a new residential property on the vacant lot of the barn and realize three homes in it. The existing house will be maintained. The plan is in conflict with the applicable subdivision plan Oudeschoot 2014. This means that cooperation can only be given if the subdivision plan is deviated from.

If no objections are raised against the draft, the draft will be issued as a final notice of no objections.

Area plan Sythuzen 5 Haskerdijken

The council is asked to accept the change of the zoning plan Sythuzen 5 Haskerdijken from agriculture to residential.

The area plan procedure is required to plan a situation that arose 40 years ago. After subdivision, it was then neglected to change the agricultural use to residential. This is corrected with this amendment.

Change of joint arrangement Fritidsnævnet Marrekrite

The council is requested not to comment on the draft Marrekrite Common Regulations.

The text of the common regulations has been tightened. There are changes from the national government which have consequences for common rules. In addition, the main board has made a number of decisions that necessitate changes to the text.

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