Shiba Inu Price Prediction – Will the Shiba Inu Continue to Rise?

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Shiba Inu price has increased by 3% in the last 24 hours and now touches $0.00000907. The Shiba Inu price is benefiting from the long-awaited rally in the crypto market, with the current price up 10% compared to a week ago. 30 days ago, the token was still down 1.5% and compared to the peak level of $0.00008616, the coin is down 90%. This shows that there is plenty of room for a price increase.

The current momentum could mean a tipping point for the coin, so the current price increase could cause a breakout that could push the price up further. With the Shiba Inu network poised to launch the layer-two Shibarium network and its own metaverse, it looks like the price is set for some significant gains.

Shiba Inu Price Prediction – How Momentum Investors Bring This Meme Coin Back To $0.000014

SHIB’s chart shows the sudden move towards upward momentum. The relative strength index (purple) has risen from below 40 to 70 in recent days, which is an indicator of strong upward buying pressure.

Shiba price forecast
Source: TradingView

The Shiba 30-day moving average (red) has not started to rise yet, but the fact that the coin has been below the 200-day average for a while indicates that a major rally may be coming soon. There also appears to be movement between the whales, as it turned out that there is a specific whale that has transferred 3.3 trillion SHIB to another wallet. So it looks like it’s gearing up for a big trade as the pump approaches.

Furthermore, a rally is expected in light of the launch of the Shibarium Network, for which an exact launch date is not yet known.

The Shibarium network is built on its own layer-two software, based on the Ethereum network. The advantage of using your own network is that the network will be cheaper and faster to use, so the cryptocurrency is expected to be better adopted. This ties in well with the proprietary metaverse that Shiba Inu is developing.

The team behind the Shiba Inu metaverse says it will release a number of demos throughout the year. For example, the team indicated that it cannot wait to announce the development in 2023.

Such a development is expected to further increase SHIB’s price and attract even more momentum investors as the price rises. In this way, a possible positive circle will be created for SHIB, attracting more adoptions through more investments and so on.

In the past, the SHIB price was found to be particularly sensitive to positive news. For example, the price increased by 58% in February after its own metaverse was announced. It is therefore likely that the launch of the Shibarium Network and the launch of its own metaverse will cause serious price increases.

In short, it looks like the Shiba price may return to $0.000014 this year. Should the crypto market enter a bull market towards the end of the year, higher price increases are also not out of the question.

Strong presale coins

It is clear that SHIB’s return to $0.000014, or a similar level, will take months. It is therefore advisable as an active trader to consider other options in the meantime. We therefore recommend that you keep an eye on presales, as they often provide attractive gains despite market conditions.

For example, Tamadoge (TAMA) has shown gains of 1,800% from its price in October. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) has shown even bigger gains, as much as 6,000%, over its presale price.

The pre-sale below will be released on exchanges in the coming months, so significant price increases are expected. All projects are built on strong foundations and experienced teams, so the chance of good returns is very high.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Last chance before tomorrow’s listing

Dash 2 Trade is an Ethereum-based trading intelligence platform that will launch in the coming months. The platform provides real-time analysis and social trading data that helps investors make the best trading decisions. The platform has useful tools for both experienced investors and beginners to promote their trades.

The D2T token sale has already raised more than $15 million and is officially sold out. After the premature sale of the presale, the team behind D2T has decided to keep the sale open for a while, through an overfunding round. Today is therefore the last day when investors can buy coins at an attractive price in the pre-sale. The coin has already confirmed listings on BitMart, Changelly Pro, LBANK and, making the chance of price increases very high.

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Note: Cryptocurrencies are volatile and unregulated investments.

Fight Out (FGHT)

Also based on Ethereum, Fight Out (FGHT) is an ambitious move-to-earn platform that combines real-world workouts with Web3. The platform has learned from previous M2E platforms, such as STEPN, improving the industry’s first mover.

For example, the Fight Out platform keeps track of all the steps and exercises of the user. In addition, training is offered, such as boxing, fitness, yoga etc. The platform will also offer courses via the app and in real life. Finally, the platform plans to open physical gyms worldwide and sync them with the app.

The Fight Out project launched last month and has already raised more than $2.8 million. Currently, FGHT price is at $0.0166 and it is advisable for interested investors to buy in quickly as the price will increase rapidly.

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Note: Cryptocurrencies are volatile and unregulated investments.

C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge (CCHG) is a peer-to-peer payment network for electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations that aims to expand the carbon credit market. The platform runs on the BNB chain and has officially put the CCHG token in the presale. This token will be used by EV owners to charge their vehicles.

The C+Charge platform will also reward users with NFT-based CO2 credits for charging their EVs. For example, the platform has already signed an agreement with Perfect Solutions Turkey, adding 20% ​​of the EV chargers in Turkey to their network.

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Note: Cryptocurrencies are volatile and unregulated investments.

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