Shiba Inu Price Prediction – How Long Will Meme Coin Bull Run?

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The Shiba Inu price continues to outperform other cryptocurrencies on the market, rising 9.9% in the past week and 9.4% in the past 2 weeks. Still, SHIB, one of the biggest meme coins, is down 2.4% in the last 24 hours to $0.00000895.

Investors are hoping that SHIB will be very bullish in 2023, and this is certainly possible as the team is in the process of launching Shibarium, which is expected to go live in the coming weeks. The team has also announced several partnerships that will help increase Shiba Inu adoption and burn rates.

Shiba Inu Race builds momentum through collaboration with Bugatti Group

Shiba Inu has announced a special event where the Bugatti Group will throw a mini-party for the ecosystem’s NFTs, known as Shiboshis. This partnership will provide physical products and new NFTs to Shibtoken NFT genesis holders.

This special edition will only have 299 copies and another special edition will be minted for 0.14 ETH each. A Cross-Body limited edition luggage bag from the Bugatti Group will account for 95% of mints.

The other 5% mints will be for hand luggage from the Bugatti Group for the 15 lucky winners in the community. The coin portal goes live during the Twitter Spaces event. The redemption portal will not open until the week after the minting has finished. Shiboshi’s and Bugatti Group Twitter Spaces Event will take place on January 15th.

Shiba Inu Price seeks support for a possible 66% increase

The Shiba Inu price is just above a descending triangle. This is due to a failed attempt to break through the 66.62% resistance at $0.0001508. Firm resistance at $0.00000956 is at the level of the blue 100-day exponential moving average (EMA) and is supported by the upper trend chart.

The red 50-day EMA at $0.00000862 gives Shiba Inu the support it needs to accumulate more liquidity to make another attempt at a break. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is expected to rise above 0 soon, making the Shiba Inu price look bullish in the short term.

SHIB/USD Chart - Source: TradingView
SHIB/USD Chart – Source: TradingView

Breaking out of this descending triangle is only a matter of time. With Shiboshi’s and Bugatti Group’s upcoming event in just 4 days, SHIB can build even more momentum.

Buy orders are best placed above the triangle or above the 100-day EMA. The rebound above the triangle could push the price towards $0.00001508, representing a 66.62% increase.

Shibarium upgrade is just around the corner

The Shiba Inu Community Ban looks forward to the upcoming Shibarium Protocol. Towards the end of 2022, enthusiasm began to grow, but the upgrade was postponed. Shibarium will make SHIB more scalable while still connected to the Ethereum network.

The Shiba Inu team still believes that Shibarium’s Layer 2 protocol will go live soon. There is no official expected date yet, but the community expects the launch in the first quarter of 2023.

Alternative cryptocurrencies promise profit in 2023

Investors in 2023 are looking at cryptos that will do better in 2023 as opposed to the terrible year of the crypto market in 2022. Analysts have predicted that the crypto winter will last until the end of this year, yet many investors are very excited about it new crypto presale. These altcoins are possibly one of the best investments for early investors and users.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

The first Web3 gaming guild to focus on mobile gaming appeared in December, thanks to the Meta Masters Guild. The team plans to create high-quality crypto games to build a decentralized gaming ecosystem. Users of the platform can earn money in this ecosystem by helping to build and expand.

Unlike other play-to-earn platforms like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox and Decentraland, Meta Masters Guild aims to make games that people actually enjoy playing and are not just there to make money. Still, players can earn a lot of money, based on their contribution to the ecosystem.

Players can earn gems that can be used in a variety of ways. Gems can be converted into MEMAG tokens or used to bet to earn more. Players can also use Gems for NFTs or convert them to cash by exchanging them for other crypto-tokens.

The Meta Masters Guild presale is live today and has already raised $26,000 by selling MEMAG tokens for $0.007 each.

Fight Out (FGHT)

A brand new and sought after investment in the Web3 world, Fight Out is known for its potential to transform the move-to-earn industry. Fight Out’s success is due to its efficient team and innovative concept, which has made the demand for the native FGHT token very high.

Fight Out wants to encourage users to exercise more by rewarding them with crypto and NFTs. The project aims to solve problems such as lack of social aspects, high subscription fees for gyms and poor training schedules.

With the Fight Out app, the team hopes to solve these problems and reward users based on their personal progress. The Fight Out presale is very popular, with investors rushing to buy tokens at $0.0166 each before rising to $0.0333. The presale has already raised over $2.84 million and you will get up to 50% extra tokens during the presale for a limited time.


C+Charge is a new network that allows you to pay for charging your electric car. When you do this via the C+Charge network, you will be rewarded with CO2 credits. With the handy app you can pay easily and you have access to a lot of useful information.

The app and the CCHG token use Web3 technology to, among other things, keep track of your earned CO2 credits, pay for your charging and collect information for a faster charging process.

The C+Charge presale is very popular and has already raised $244,000. The CCHG token is available for $0.013 each, which will soon increase to $0.0165.

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