Drug laboratories in East Brabant: who are the leaders?

Drug labs and all the crime that goes with them is a big problem. How do you avoid getting caught in it unintentionally? And who are the managers who benefit from the million profit?

The police in East Brabant are looking for the people behind (synthetic) drug laboratories. Dozens of laboratories have been dismantled in recent years. It is usually the smaller players who are arrested, such as landlords of buildings or laboratory technicians. The highest bosses usually remain unaffected. That must be changed, believe the police and the judiciary.


Remains of a pharmaceutical laboratory in Eersel

Remains of a pharmaceutical laboratory in Eersel


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03-11-2022 08:04

On Monday 17 October 2022, there was an action day led by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in East Brabant in collaboration with the police, FIOD and Tax. Searches were carried out at dozens of locations, which resulted in nine arrests, among other things. In early November, a tenth arrest followed in this major investigation.

Good progress, but your information is still very welcome.

Punish and take away

The goal of the police and judiciary is to prosecute those who fund these drug labs and launder their profits. In addition to imposing an appropriate penalty, confiscation of assets is an important objective.

We want to take away what they have illegally earned. We want to get the money back by seizing their houses, cars, bank account, cryptocurrency. Everything they have earned must go back to the state.”

Janine Kramer, press manager East Brabant

Brabant and Belgium

The research focuses specifically on five pharmaceutical laboratories in East Brabant and two in Belgium. The question is who is behind the following laboratories:

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    High end road Borroweddiscovered on February 23, 2017

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    Collect supplies Firstdiscovered on October 21, 2020

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    Bergdijk Which is adiscovered on December 24, 2020

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    into the Main Street Road healdiscovered on February 22, 2021

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    Pulled in downdiscovered on February 25, 2021

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    Goordijk Street Place of interest (Belgium), discovered on 24 June 2021

  • pointsicon/cursorMade with Sketch.

    into a riding school Old Turnhout (Belgium), discovered on 28 June 2021.

Rental of premises

Criminals come to the areas of drug laboratories through brokers or ‘just’ through Funda. In addition, farmers are offered e.g. considerable sums to rent a warehouse for a number of months. The police would like to get in touch with people who have been contacted by criminals who have asked to rent out a place.

Do not cooperate!

Although making so much money seems attractive, it has a downside: once you’re in the world, you never get out. There is also a good chance that you yourself will be convicted of facilitating a drug laboratory. In addition, you may be held responsible for the eviction costs – often tens of thousands of euros.

Veghel, February 2021

Veghel, February 2021

Veghel, February 2021

Raw material

One of the indispensable raw materials used in pharmaceutical laboratories is apaan. This is imported from outside Europe, often packed in barrels or unmarked bags. The raw materials arrive somewhere in Europe by plane and boat and are then transported further overland to e.g. the medical laboratories in North Brabant.
The police want to know exactly how the import lines of raw materials like apaan are running.

Less drug dumping

In recent years, medical waste has been dumped into nature almost weekly, but this has decreased significantly in the past year. Still, the police do not think that fewer synthetic drugs will be produced.
What do the criminals do with the waste and what is their current alternative to dumping?

Help the police

Do you have information about one or more drug laboratories, about possible leaders who may be behind it, about import lines for raw materials and/or about the way(s) involved criminals dispose of drug waste? Please contact the police. This can also be done anonymously or through a confidential conversation with someone from the National Intelligence Team.

Police tracking tip (free): 0800 – 6070

Report crime anonymously (free): 0800 – 7000

National intelligence team (local rate): 088 – 661 77 34

Tips from abroad (local rate): +3179 – 3459800


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