Meta Masters Guild launches presale and already raises over $30k

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New crypto presale project Meta Masters Guild has only just started presale, but has already seen investors secure over $30,000 MEMAG tokens just minutes after opening.

Investors rush to be part of the project, which will be the world’s first Web3 mobile gaming platform. MEMAG is one of the best new crypto to buy and promises to rock the play-to-earn space.

While most P2E games have failed due to overly ambitious plans to make a AAA-rated game with similar graphics and huge metaverses, Meat Masters Guild focuses on mobile games that are usually cheaper and less time-consuming to produce.

This is not to say that they are of lower quality, but the Meta Masters Guild indicates that it will revolutionize the gaming industry by developing games with a ‘focus on fun’. They focus on quality and longevity rather than tokenization and reward mechanisms.

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GameAnd-Do not earn games-To– Serve

The Meta Masters Guild wants their games to not exist just to make money after seeing other high profile Web3 games go through massive boom and bust cycles after certain players made their money and disappeared.

The project emphasizes that its catalog of game-and-will be earned and not play-to-earn. The goal is to get players to play the game because they enjoy it for its inherent quality and replayability rather than just playing it to make money.

To achieve this goal, the original ERC-20 MEMAG token is not used as a reward, but as support for the entire project and further development.

Another token, GEMS, will be used for rewards and as currency for all games on the platform. It will exist off-chain and have no value in the real world, although it will have numerous uses within the Meta Masters Guild World; from purchasing to assets and NFTs to upgrading assets. It can also be converted to MEMAG.

The project took this approach to avoid the constant sales pressure that has plagued other Web3 games.

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Meta Masters Guild game

There are already three games in various stages of development in the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem.

The game that is in its most advanced stages is Meta Kart Racers, which is expected to launch in late 2023. Players compete in player vs player races where they compete for the Meta Kart Championship and try to escape from the diabolical Meta rulers.

The game lets players upgrade their drivers and their karts as they progress through the game.

Raid NFT is a turn-based fantasy combat game where players choose between different warrior classes and participate in challenges and quests. There is both a single-player story mode and the option to fight against other players in Raid NFT.

Finally, Meta Masters World is the main metaverse of the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem. It’s an open world with little structure and limitations on how players approach it. Players have complete autonomy to explore the world and collect resources.

All assets in the game are NFTs that you can own, and the Meta Masters Guild is also developing a live marketplace where players can trade with each other. All games are connected by MEMAG and GEMS.

In addition to developing their own collection of games, the project will also invite other studios and developers to help build the platform.

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MEMAG Presale and Tokenomics

The Meta Masters Guild has just launched the MEMAG token presale, but there are already many interested.

In addition to the potential of the platform, investors are also attracted by the high potential of the token, which will increase in price by 228% during the presale.

Tokens cost only $0.007 each in phase 1 of the presale, but the price will increase to $0.023 when the seventh and final presale takes place.

Of the maximum supply of 1 billion, 350 million tokens (35%) are available during the presale, with no waiting period and a fixed limit of $4.97 million, while another 15% is allocated for IPOs and liquidity.

The remaining 50% will be split between the development of the ecosystem (15%), the marketplace (15%), the project reserve (10%) and the team (10%), with all tokens unlocked linearly over periods between 36 and 48 months.

The Meta Masters Guild developers are KYC verified by CoinSniper, while the MEMAG token smart contract is fully vetted by SolidProof.

Presale Internship Price Amount of tokens Raise value
Scene 1 $0.007 70,000,000 $490,000
Stage 2 $0.010 63,000,000 $630,000
Stage 3 $0.013 56,000,000 $728,000
Stage 4 $0.016 49,000,000 $784,000
Stage 5 $0.019 42,000,000 $798,000
Stage 6 $0.021 35,000,000 $735,000
Stage 7 $0.023 35,000,000 $805,000
Total 350,000,000 $4,970,000

More information and the latest news can be found on the Meta Masters Guild Telegram channel.

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